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Ankit Singh weds Sakshi Trivedi
I would like to Thank Jeevansathi team from the bottom of my heart. played a vital role in my life now. I would love to share my story,Since it seems to be a fairy tale. Here we go- Initially I didn't want to start searching life partner through JS. One day my father asked we are thinking to start searching a guy for you, let us know if you have someone in your life. I told my parents about my past and that there is no one currently in my life. But i didn't want to start doing this process so early. I wanted to do MBA, I started classes and preparing for it.Then my father suggested me to make a Jeevansathi profile so that they can get options across India. I just made my profile for my father's sake having a thought in mind that i will first clear CAT with a good score, complete my MBA and then will get married. To my surprise, i was getting so many requests, then i stopped checking my profile. One day, all of a sudden i opened my Jeevansathi account, and among so many requests i found Ankit's profile so attractive and I accepted it. I just told my parents about his profile and then they forgot about it and never asked me again. Meanwhile i got text in from Ankit, I replied, we exchanged our watsapp numbers. Then we started exchanging texts on watsapp. I still remember It was 26th March 2016, I was travelling back from Bhopal to Pune, I got his message. He gave me so much gyaan on shaadi and all, I got annoyed and thought he is not my type. I should stop talking to him. Post that i never texted him. On 20th April, 2016 i got his message, he was in Eroupe trip, enjoying his birthday ( I was not aware of it and hence did not even wish him :P) He shared so many pictures of Europe which i showed to my friends. They were like "Is he mad, why is he messiging you when he is in europe trip:P I got impressed and kinda like that..I was happy that i am getting attention :P Then i thought lets give another chance and not being judgemental. I started talking to him on watsapp. he used to ask me to talk over phone, i don't know why i used to ignore it and procastinate it always. Then he sent me email, to which i have not replied yet :P Finally on 4th June, we talked over the phone for the first time. I was nervous an bit excited to know him. At that moment also i was clear that i don't want to marry so soon, bu will talk to him, may be we become good friends. I was very impressed, happy and excited when i first talked to him. He was awesome. I actually found him very impressive, intelligent, smart and i actually happened to connect with him in some way. That first call lasted for 3 hours and next call on 15th June lasted for 5 hours. On 21st June, I was travelling to kerala for a trip with my friends, that day instead of doing my packing i talked to him for 9 hours, that was really long. Honestly I started liking him from that day. From that day, we used to have late night calls ( always i used to wake up all night due to different time zone) He lives in New York, Manhattan. On July 4th, I proposed him on watsapp. Yes, on watsapp, how funny is that. Well, we both know it would not be easy for us, since it is always going to be long distance relationship. but we were positive and trust each other. We know we were loyal to each other and will always despite of the fact that I live in India and he lives in the city of dreams New York. Life was going to a bit tough but we guys managed it amazingly. He was coming to India in October for his father's retirement party. I was excited. I met him On 1st October in Hotel Taj Mumbai. I was very nervous as well as excited. I When i first saw him, I got sure that yes am going to marry him. we spent 2 days in Taj Mumbai. I had my best time with him. I was happy. On 3rd October morning, I was going to see off him and had to catch my bus for Pune. On our way to airport, he asked me " so Sakshi What do you think of us". My answer was "I would like to see us together in future". I was shy a bit. Watching all the time outside the mirror. He dropped me to my boarding point( which was on his way to airport). We both were happy. He went to Baroda to attend his father's retirement party. On 7th October, post his father's retirement party he told his parents about me. They were quite happy but apprehensive too. They were making fun of him that he is getting a girl who is vegetarian. Let me tell you i am completely vegetarian and he is non vegetarian. He told me everything. I also wanted to tell my parents at that time bit then i decided to tell them in diwali when i visit my place. In between i went to Delhi on 16th October to meet Ankit, he was working form Gurgaon for 2 weeks. Then i again visited delhi next week to see off him for New York. I was sad. I actually cried like a child. I wanted to tell my parents on my birthday on 28th October somehow it didn't work. I visited my hometown Bhopal on 30th October. I took my family out for dinner and told them everything. They got curious and excited. My parents started seeing his pictures, asked so many questions about his family. But everything till then was sorted. I went home told Ankit Everything. We both were happy. Then our parents talked on phone. They decided to meet in March since Ankit was planning to visit India. everything was going fine. Then something worst happened in my life. On Dec 30th I decided to have last new year party in India with my friends in Goa. I went to Goa , enjoyed a lot. On 1st January, 2017 while returning back to Pune, met with a major accident at kolhapur Highway.I was on swift desire, it got toddeled up 4 times. My face got damaged, I immediately admitted to government hospital there, went through CT scan. I first called Ankit And told him everything. I didn't call my parents. I was worried, scared that now everything is shattered in my life. Ankit supported me, he talked to my parents told them everything. I got transferred to Pune. Got admitted to Hospital for 1 month. Went through C1- C2 vertebra screw fixation surgery. I got an issue in spine which got operated by fixing 2 screws and 1 plate in my neck. Through out this, Ankit and his family was a strong emotional support for me and my family. I was not able to eat for 2 months, was on liquid diet completely, my neck movements got restricted. I was completely bed ridden for 2 months. We were not sure whether we are going to small fucntion in march or not. But Ankit was sure that i would get fine. He didn't cancel his plan.He cam to India and took me to Chikmanglur on 6th March. That time also, i had cervical collar in my neck. He took care of me. He had a plan there. He booked a beautiful resort for me. on 7th March, in a beautiful setting he proposed me with a ring in his hand for marriage. I was happy. I could not believe on my destiny. I literally lost all my hopes at some point. I was crying at that moment and at the same time with a smile on my face i said YES. That was the most beautiful moment of my life. I got my soul mate. We went back to our place. Then on 10th March, He with his family visited my place. Our both families are very simple. They were happy. And on the same day we exchanged rings in the presence our families. Now we are searching venues for our wedding and most probably will do destination wedding in kerala. I think We were meant to be together. God has sent him for me only. Jeevansathi was the least expected place where we can think of we can meet. If he did not send me request on JS, we might not have been met. We two are completely different personalities. I am brahmin and he is Thakur. I am completely vegetarian and he is non vegetarian. We have different way of thinking. But we love each other and are willing to all sacrifices which we can do to be together. I will get married to him in december an will move to New York with him. I would have no job there for few months, new place, new people, new country. everything is altogether would be a different experience. But i ma willing to do this sacrifices for us. I love him. And I would like to thank JEEVANSATHI and TEAM. You are truely an important element of our love story. I wish JEEVANSATHI.COM Team good luck and success. Thanks Sakshi