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Kushal Parwal weds Shipra Gupta
THE STORY: This is our story of how we met, the ups and downs and the rounds and arounds which we went through to finally become one. Our story, which had its fair share of love laughter tears & overflowing emotions but finally euphoria and joy at the end of it, and the beginning of a lovely relationship tied together in the strongest bond of marriage. I hope it inspires all other members of to never give up on your dream of finding your dream soulmate. And with this background, our story began on on 18th of June when I saw my now “lawfully wedded wife” Shipra’s photos and immediately sent her an interest. And usually people take a long time to accept or reject an interest, in this case I was a little surprised that she accepted my interest very quickly. Thanks to Jeevansathi’s chat option, I could immediately contact her and asked her some of the basic details and exchanged numbers as well. I must say the interface on application, the options of matches available and other premium features, were the most important things that made be stick to as compared to other similar websites. We then continued our conversation on Whatsapp from then on for about a week. She was put up in Pune and I was in Mumbai and we both felt that we could be compatible for each other after some days of getting to know each other. But the best way to find this out was to meet up and decide. So for the first time (without the knowledge of my Parents) we fixed a meeting between ourselves to decide if we could make a good match. I must say, in the first meeting on a lunch, we instantly hit it off. Although, we are both little shy people and might be usually uncomfortable with a new person’s company, there was no discomfort felt at all. It was as if I had met this person before as well. For the first time for both of us, we spend 4 hours together, considering we were meeting for the first time. Usually, it was just a half n hour given to decide when we used to meet matches along with our parents. So, after an amicable first meet, we were partially convinced that we could make a good match and so we decided to meet another time to be very sure that we were making the right decision. This was around 7th of July 2018. We had already made up our minds and we went to our individual families and telling them that I have met someone who I feel will be a good match for me and I wish you should meet them too. And with this came the typical objection of “how you have decided on your own regarding the choice of a life partner?” from both our families. Additionally, there were horoscope issues as well with her father not agreeing to this match due to mis match of horoscope. However, while our families did not approve of our choice for our life partner, we continued to meet and communicate on a regular basis and were growing in love and appreciation for each other. However, at the same time the struggle began to convince both of our families. There was no real caste issue in our case, since we were of similar castes and culture. It was more about the method of finding a life partner that our families felt was done without their consent. However, we felt that getting married to each other would be the wisest decision of our lives since we knew by now that we were made for each other. And this was not just blind love, it was true conscious love and a decision well analyzed and studied from all aspects. And now, what began with a typical arrange marriage on, was now seeming like a love marriage where we needed to convince our parents to get us married. And then began 8 months of convincing, pleading, explaining our respective families. There were tears, frustrations, tensions, rifts, fights and what not in the process and both our respective places. But we had decided to stick with our decision of being with each other through all thick and thin. In the mean while I could convince my mom and dad to meet Shipra in Pune. Although, it was an amicable meet as well, my parents especially my mom was wary of the fact the her father was still not in agreement with this match and if he does not agree to this, my mom also would not go ahead and get us married without her father’s consent. After lot of rounds of further convincing her dad, finally on the 8th of Feb 2019, he decided to come over to my home in Mumbai and meet all of us. And after meeting us on this day that I will never forget, he hugged me and said “I am giving you the only jewel of my life, my only child, my precious gift of God, my daughter to you, Please take care of her” and I promised I always will without any doubt. And FINALLY, we were united and made part of this beautiful institution of marriage on the 7th Of May 2019 to live a life of “happily ever after”. Its been almost two months now and we feel our love is growing every moment. Thank you jeevansathi for enabling us to end our long search for a life partner and helping us find our true and right “Jeevansathi”. Regards, Kushal Parwal Mumbai