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Piyush Mola weds Neha Gupta
I thank my heavens for the day I widened my search criteria on Jeevansathi from a precise "Agarwal" match to a broader "Agarwal + Baniya". Only then could I see my future wife for the first time. Having been here for some time, I have had multiple interests to and fro, but something seemed special about this one. She took a few days and a lot of prayers to accept my interest. However, we did not waste time once it got mutual. We clicked on the phone and then one thing led to another, with us meeting followed by our families and quickly we were betrothed. And then finally after a longish courtship we became each others' on the 16th of Feb, 2021. My advice to all would be to revisit your search criterion as there is no hard and fast terminology which everyone follows to the tee, especially for fields like caste. It is better to have blurry lines in your search and then skim through all the suggestions you get. You will never meet your partner if she/he is kept hidden by your filters. All the very best!