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Amardeep singh weds Navneet kaur
SSA G.....Glad to share my story on because of them We met with each other..... When I met her, it was completely unexpected. I was exiting a marriage, focused on health, and parenting my little heart out. At first, it was all business as I was introduced to her as a client. As time went on, we got along really well and spent the majority of our days talking. I never looked at it as more than an authentic human connection. The more time, the more talking, the more shared experiences, and the closer we got. A few months in, we were full-fledged friends and not the superficial kind. We had all the ingredients to be best friends or possibly even more. I hadn't so much as looked at another woman that year, nor had I thought about dating. I spent time working, and talking with her. Maybe it should have been obvious, but it wasn't. I was also one hundred percent not her type. Regardless of all of those things, she always came to me first. I knew all of her secrets, and we didn't hold back with each other ever. We are essentially planning a future together will get married soon at our religious place with God grace and our parents blessings . Our families in full of happiness and love. This whole journey has been so surreal from the introduction to the outcome. I am the luckiest human alive! I couldn't have asked for more from her, our friendship, the venue, or our family, and everyone did their part in making this magic happen. Sigh 😍 to true love and our future! Warm Regards Amardeep & Navneet