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VInesh Kumar Juglan weds Ritu Sehrawat
It was a normal call when we talked the first time and we did a video call a second time as he was in Canada and I was in the UK but we both were from Haryana India. We liked each other and decided to talk more to understand each other as it was not easy to see each other personally due to the long distance. Initially, it was hard to find time and manage things with the job considering the 7 hours’ time difference but we started linking with each other and trying to find time as much as we could. After 6-7 months of talking, we decided to take it further before we meet, our families met each other, and they saw us but we did meet because of different India visit times. Families liked each other and us also, that gave us more happiness. We had started talking in Jan 2022 and by Sep 22 we decided to fic it and we booked our tickets for 12th Feb. He decided to come to London first and we met their first and went to New Delhi together. It was really memorable moment when we saw each other and spent time with each other. we got happily married on 12th Feb 2023 with God's grace. Thanks, JS, because of you we found the right partner who was miles away from us. Ritu/Vinesh