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Hardik Shah weds Himani Mehta
Hardik and Himani’s story This story has been narrated in a third perspective. Casually looking for prospects for marriage Himani and Hardik made their profiles on From all the suggestions showing up, Hardik got attracted to Himani's smile, sent her a request, got accepted and they started talking. They continued talking to see if their vibe matched (which ofcourse did) and until they were sure they decided to keep it a secret. But as Himani never hid anything from her mom, she shared this with her and her mom asked her to continue talking in order to see how far it went and as they continued talking midway they got their horoscopes matched. Surprisingly 35/36 points matched and that was an amazing thing for them. They continued talking to each other and started liking each other a lot. Later in September 2022, Himani's elder sister and brother in law went to Mumbai.. They visited Hardik's house and met him and his mother. Everything looked perfect to them and even Hardik was very happy to meet them. Coming back to Kolkata, Himani’s sister and her brother in law gave a very positive feedback regarding Hardik and his family to which Himani’s confidence had risen up with hopes. So in November 2022, Himani went to Mumbai for a friend's wedding and that's when they both met each other for the first time.. They had a cute pizza date and they both really enjoyed each other's company. Himani felt super comfortable with him and she knew in her heart that 'he is the one for her '. Both of them bonded so well and soon realised that they were meant for each other. Himani returned to Kolkata and explained her parents how it went with Hardik to which she had a very positive and happy vibe about him. She wasn’t sure at first but then her heart did skip a beat. On the other hand it was almost a yes from Hardik’s side. They both kept talking everyday post their first meeting. Meanwhile as they continued talking, Hardik had already started his house renovation. She then went to Mumbai with her parents in February 2023 to meet Hardik's family and relatives. Everything went smoothly and both families agreed to get them married. On 22nd April 2023, Hardik and Himani got Rokafied in Kolkata in a close-knit event. In their long distance courtship, the constant communication was the key to make their relationship stronger and they're all set to get married in December 2023. ❤️