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Honey Rai weds Prakash Ray
It was Aug 2016, our parents came across our profiles through, and decided to bring up the alliance for our thoughts and consideration. After getting to know each other over the telephonic conversation of an hour or so, we decided to meet, which is my favorite part of the story to tell. Prakash and I, being singles, traveled every weekend here & there and mostly to our homes. I work in Pune and my cousins stay in Mumbai, while he works in Mumbai and his family stays in Pune. Since we always traveled in opposite directions , so we met on RAILWAY STATION (Can you imagine!! ) And even when I managed to travel all the way from Mumbai and reach Pune on time, he made me wait for 40mins, to arrive the destination that was just 5mins away from his place. By some miracle, We still liked each other enough to continue hanging out and eventually getting engaged, a few weeks later. :) Aside from “when’s the wedding?”, there are a two questions that we are always asked after getting engaged. How’d you meet? And How’d you know that he/she is the one? Try googling it, and you will find 100 different checklists and tips to know if he/she is the one-to-marry. But I would just say that when you meet him, you will feel right and suddenly everything seems positive. That's THE TIME when you know that it was worth waiting. After spending some time, we realize that we are total opposites, but our goals are similar. My advice (Rather our advice) - Please don't rush to make a decision. It is about your life. Don't get pressurized. It doesn't matter if your friends are getting married or having kids, or if they are not. It doesn't matter if your Chacha/Mama/Mausi/Bua/Anybody feels you are too choosy/anything. What matters is that feel happy being you with somebody, not just today, but all your life. Wish you all the best! Happy Searching!