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Hemant Sharrma weds Neha Goud
Neha and Myself had started talking on 6th of October as she was busy in her masters, the day we had a first call i think it's 6th October in the evening , as we both were new in this marriage topic we started with our likes and dislikes and future expectation but when she started telling about how she sees the world , i thought that hey this is nearly the same what i am also thinking , then after few days of talking over phone calls and chats, our parents decided to meet so i had to visit there family in indore on 30th october , that was the first time i saw neha as we did not made video calls to each other :-) , we got to know more , and there family like me and they decided to come to my hometown soon (nagpur) , on 7th they came and our family interacted for the first time and by the evening both families were happy to take things further , after few days on 12th Neha's Mom called me and said that the is good of wedding is 30th of the November and i was like what ? isn't that too quick but as i told neha and me were excited too so we want to be in relation anytime soon, so we are married now and she is legally my better half :-)