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Amit Shankar Darekar weds Pooja Gavade
Last year around October/November when i was in USA , I started looking for profiles more seriously as i was planning to travel to India to get hinged as i felt i am completely ready now. It had been while since I had enrolled on JS and i even got connected to few people but somewhere something was not right. But then in month of December 2020, just before i was about to travel back to India , i got connected to Pooja and from then everything was different. We had our first message exchange on 23rd December and the way things took off between us, From the beginning I was very confident that this could work. This feeling was different and we both were very positive. She was very understanding, very matured while talking, very passionate about her career, caring for her family, traditional in values , she had much more than what i was expecting. Initially we were mostly texting then we shifted on voice calls , Initially calls were limited to once in 2-3 days after she was done with her work and as i was on vacation , i had all time for my self. The process of knowing each other was started. We understood each others life goals , found out ambitions of each other , hobbies , likes dislikes, strong and weak points, intellectuals and it felt like she is the one. Pooja is calm person and i am bit tempered guy , so it felt very good mix which can sustain for the rest of life. After talking on phone for almost 3 weeks , we decided to meet each other as we both were positive that this could work. Meeting each other was delayed this much because she was in Belgaum and i was in pune and before traveling this long we both wanted to be certain on few things. Once we had that certainty , we decided to meet and i travelled to meet her and it was 8th Jan when i saw her for the first time and she was beautiful.I felt some tension on her face for first few minutes but i try to make her comfortable and i guess i did that well because she was opening up . That day is memory, everything about that day is different and special , we talked a-lot, words were just flowing, even after 5 hours we felt like its not enough. Finally it was time for bye but i guess we both had decided that this could really work as first meet lot of positive vibes on each other for each other. Same day I stayed in Belgaum as it was late for me to travel back and i was happy as I thought i might meet her again. After i told her i am staying back then Around 9.30 i asked her can we meet and she said yes as she was planning to come out for walk and have ice cream and then we again met and then we again talked for almost hour but that 1 hour was very special. She went home but she was happy and i was also happy . Next day i travelled back and she had already said yes to me and i conveyed my confirmation two days later. So we both were finally ready to get married and now it was matter of our families to meet. Next weekend i took my family to her place and both families liked each other and it was YES from my family and now it was just matter of one more final meet . Two weeks after on 31st January, her family visited us and everyone liked everything and it was decided that we both will start new chapter of life together. We got officially committed and date was finalized and we are getting married on 4th may. Thank you JS for bringing Pooja in my life.