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Mudit Gupta weds Stuti Jain
2019 is when I found my perfect match. My mother shared a profile with me & I instantly liked this lovely girl with a smile as bright as sunshine. Sending interest & receiving an acceptance was just a matter of few days. 8th Dec 2019 : this date will forever be engraved in my memory as I had my first conversation with Stuti relating to life, career, interests & family. Things clicked & in just 20 days, our bond was said to be freezed forever. 28th February 2020: just before COVID hit our lives, we decided to get engaged. 2020 felt like the year of hardships, bravery, and responsibility. 9th December 2020 was set to tie our knots. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, it put a major hiccup in so many of our plans. Some weddings cancelled. Others rescheduled. We understood that it was our personal responsibility, to ourselves and our community, to do what we think is right for our friends and family. And yet the power of love continued. (Stronger than ever we might add.) Many couples hesitated at the thought of not becoming Mr. + Mrs. right away and, because of this, we were able to have an incredible wedding season. Guest lists were shortened, vendors confirmed, and one by one we hosted our way through the 2020 year with immense smiles on our faces. We decided to keep their promise of love and move forward with their 2020 wedding. Their comment about our venue, food, staff, and wedding day experience had us in weeping tears of gratitude. Picking one word to describe our overall experience is so difficult. Amazing, spectacular, exciting, and simply wonderful are some of the words to describe it. Stuti & I are so glad to have found each other on JS. For lovely people searching prospects on the portal, my only suggestion would be not to fall into family & societal pressure. Wait for the right one & be found!