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Pratik Vaja weds Akanksha Asnani
In 2016, Pratik and I met for the first time 'professionally'; he was 2 years senior to me in an organisation I was doing an internship project with. We met for the first time in Guwahati, purely because of work and continued to do so even when i got confirmed. I was posted in Bangalore and him in Mumbai. It was in 2019 December that i visited Mumbai for a project he was co-ordinating, but as fate had it, we didn't get a chance to meet; Our interaction was limited to work. It was 2 days after my return to Bangalore that I got a message from him at 11 in the night with my JS profile screenshot ( thanks to his open filters on caste vs mine) and with a text "Look! What I stumbled upon". I wad embarrassed max, but we spoke at length that day. With us, it was all so comfortable and warm, right from that day. And the rest is history, here we are 1.5 years later, married and living our happily ever after! P.S. Ours might be one of those rare love marriages that happen via matrimonial sites, but for what it's worth we do owe it JS.