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Jitendra Kumar weds Preeti Pathak
तू ही इश्क़ हैं, तू ही जुनूँ हैं, तू ही मेरा मनमीत। रहेगी कृष्ण की राधा जब तक, रहेगा प्रीत का जीत।।😍🥰😘 Taken🥰…with all my heart and soul! # Victory of Love #HappilyMarried to Jitendra Mishra🥰 This platform gave us a good glimpse of each other in the form of JS profiles. The JS profile format is informative and interesting. Actually we had found each other on JS almost an year ago sometime in 2020..but due to this pandemic, meeting each other proved out to be a humongous task. But as they say, " When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far and no one can ever keep them apart". We met only once on special day of 25th December 2020 😍.We knew that we were destined to be glued to each other. Finally in this Pandemic times, I got my Sunshine. # LockdownWaliShaadi.We would like to thank and it’s team for playing the role of an essential catalyst in our journey. Thank you for making a significant contribution in our lives !!❤️