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Abhishek Trivedi weds Khushali Vyas
My Self is Khushali Vyas. I am working in IT. My brother had created my profile to tease me. My mom & My bro we concerned about my future they showed me the profile every day. I got tired to see the bios. I remember my aunt started finding boys for my little sister. I never open my profile on matrimonial sites but after seeing her so excited I thought I also need to check my profile that who are interested. I saw Abhi’s profile in the interested partner's list. I was quite impressed with his education & qualification. He dropped me a message on Jeevansathi & We exchange our contact details. I approach him on WhatsApp on 3rd Feb. & we discussed on chat & after 2 days on 5th of Feb. We talked on-call first time. It was Sunday, I remember he was doing some household work & the same way I was also doing that, We discussed our life journey. Day by day we started talking with each other. Luckily his bday was on the 6th of Feb I wished him at strap 12 o’clock & I made one video for him. In which I added his pic on Burj khalifa & with lighting wished him Happy Birthday. The next day, there was a valentine's week. So we started continuing talking with each other on-call & video call. We were not living in the same city so we had decided to meet first & discuss the future. Luckily, On Kiss day, We went to the shiva temple which is named ”Jadeshwara”. I really believe in that place & it’s my favorite place. That place was the in-between, where we were living & he was living. So I asked him to come to that place & meet. In the beginning, He thought it would be uncomfortable for him because he will meet me & my family very first time. I forced him a little bit & he come there. I remember he reached early a bit we were in our relative home I asked my brother to brought him that place. I was nervous and excited to meet him. My brother & mom were teasing me. I remember We were doing breakfast. I was talking and laughing. Before he saw me he hares my laughter which was the same as my name “Khushali” He was impressed with my smile/ laughter. He came & seat with us took breakfast then we when to that temple We went there for Shiva’s Abhishek. Mine & his clothing was not allowed to do Abhishek so my mom & brother seat to do that. They needed water for Abhishek of lord shiva, they asked me to find it. He asked me to stay there. He brought water & gave it to my mom at that moment I was impressed. We seat together to discuss & took some photographs. After we left that place, I was driving the car & He seat beside me. We enjoyed that moment. He was meeting my family first time but I didn’t feel like he was very friendly with everyone. After a few days, He came to Ahmedabad & his family also living there so we went the dinner date & Spend some quality time. The next day I & my family went to his home & meet his mom. They were very loving & kind. I really like their friendliness & honesty. His mom is very loving. Before meeting his mom I was not 100% sure about marriage. I had started liking him because of his nature & honesty but after our family meets & I meet him, mom, I made up my mind & I said him that now I am 100% sure to get married to him. In India, Marriage is not happening only between two persons it's happening between two families, So after meeting with them, I feel like I can spend the rest of my life with their family. I always thought How can I adjust with a family whom I don't know but felt comfortable with them. We don't know when we started loving each other but we can tell that every day our relationship & our love growing more & more. My mom always said to me that find that kind of life partner who became a best friend for you and no one can say any negative thing about him. In the beginning, I was not sure whether everyone would like him or not but everyone said that they were proud of my choice. After our Ruka, He met my colleagues & Bosses. At that time he said he really proud of me because of my position & reputation at our office. In India, very few men would be there who proud of their wives & they would not have any man's ego. After meeting Abhi I feel really blessed that he is that kind of man. I know we will be together in each very phase of life.