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Sushobhit Sharma weds Saumya Tripathi
7th September - I stumbled across a profile and almost shook my head in disbelief. There was only 1 picture and couple of formal lines giving a basic idea of that gorgeous girl. I looked at her picture and I just dropped my jaw, There was something different about her. Something amazing was about to happen but I had no idea about how would this story unfold. I crossed my fingers, prayed to all the 33crore hindu god & goddess and sent her connection request. And then started the longest waiting period of my life... At one point I somehow accepted that she isn't interested in me otherwise my request would have been accepted by now.... After exact 3 months, I decided to try my luck once again. This time I chose to be a bit more practical and thought praying to 33crore gods ain't gonna help. So I focused on the Bengali Kaala Jaadu. (JK) (or maybe not)🤭 7th December- I pushed the button and threw my phone away in excitement and then with my one eye covered with my hand, I kept checking JS notification to see if any jhaad fook worked out this time. 🙇 The whole day went by and the universe didn't budge. After that earth completed another rotation on it's axis and yet I didn't get an opportunity to fist in air. 9th December - Oh well, Miracles do happen. My phone chirped up and made my heart pace a sprint. This beautiful girl finally decided to bestow her blessings upon me and accepted my request. Obviously I had to bring in my A-Game. A lot was on stake. I pulled my sleeve up and rolled up a nice cheesy comment to start off and saw it taking a nose dive straight from the cliff. My family didn't raise a quitter, so I pulled my socks up and started toning down my words to serve the conversational taste buds of this covetted woman. 11th December - By now I was able to move my conversation sloth to a point where we agreed to jump on a call for the first time. I heard her voice and felt butterflies in my stomach and with that call we started never ending, endless things to talk about. 11th February - All this while we were soaking in all the flavours and were trying to paint ourselves in each other's colour. We became super close and by now we both developed affection for each other. This day was extremely special for both of us as we finally decided to meet. At the moment, she was living in Kanpur and I was stationed in Bangalore. I had planned so much for her visit. I reached airport (A slightly late) so the pickup card didn't come to use. I saw her for the first time. She was wearing the mask and only her eyes were visible. My heart skipped a beat as I was approaching her. I hugged her and that's the second time I felt the existence of miracles. Her stay here was for about a month so that we can see how we are around each other and if we feel comfortable enough to take this on next level. Needless to say we both started falling in love. Her innocence and absolute delightful personality just kept on reeling me in. We celebrated lot of firsts and honestly all those firsts were just beginning of many firsts. 9th March- After a month staying together and of course after realising we are in love, we both travelled together to Kanpur to meet her parents. This meeting went on board as another milestone of our relationship. Our parents spoke to each other over call for the first time and this Bollywood masala story started writing on it's own. 26th March- It was time to bring in the big guns. We decided to make our parents meet each other. Itt was nothing less than a Rajshree movie production scene. It was absolutely delightful and everything just felt like a balloon full of love. After our parent's meet, we again went back to long distance. (It was really difficult to stay away like this) I always wanted to make her happy and offer something she deserves. Obviously by now this entire set-up changed into a love marriage and my love deserved a dreamy romantic proposal before we get engaged in front of our loved ones. (Oh yes, our date of engagement was decided by now) We travelled back to Bangalore and started shopping for our engagement. In between this 10 day program, I managed to slip in our first vacation together. Obviously that's how she was looking at it. She had no idea what's in this big goodie bag. 22nd April - We landed in goa. All this while she was under impression of going to Mahabalipuram for vacation (Well, I am no less than a maestro when it comes to planning the surprises). When we reached at the spot, she just fell in love with the vibes. The entire set-up was inspired by her likings and her dream. We just became 1 that evening and of course got engaged before anyone could steal our moment on the day of engagement. 15th May. - The best day of my life by far. I have never experienced something so divine and anything out of such intense love. We exchanged our piece of heart (rings) in front of all the loved ones. Throughout I just kept looking at her and beaming happiness on her face just kept making me crazier. We stood in front of everyone holding each other's hand knowing it was the greatest victory of all times and our trophy is next to each other. ❤️