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Naimish Agnihotri weds Naimisha Tiwari
Oh, God! I still remember our first call in the mid of the night. We just laughed and laughed on our names been similar - Naimish-Naimisha. Then and there I decided she is the one. It is said that distance makes people part their ways, in my case distance played the Cupid. We are "two states" coming together for life. Our long calls have never made us realize that we are poles apart. I was never in a favor of Arrange Marriages, always had a phobia of what if the person turns out to be a nightmare of my life as I don't know her, Or what If I was not able to create that understanding level which is needed. But Naimisha was total opposite of it. Not saying it to just post here but she is a darling. I have met many girls in past but the way she understands me and allowed me to understand her, that too with the distance is actually commendable. I am not someone who gel up easily neither is she but the bonding we had on calls without meeting was the reason to say Yes!. She will be my wife later, but is my Best Friend always. Thank you, JS for giving me a Friend for Life. If arrange marriages are like this, I will recommend everyone for arrange marriage rather than love.