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Siddharth Kathuria weds Jaspreet Kaur
Siddharth and i started with normal conversation n v were sure that our first conversation will b our last. But as it turned out slowly n slowly we got to know each other with every conversation and chat n call. Ofcourse we both saw something in each other profiles that we sent interest but how much would we like each other wasnt sure initially. We did not fall in love and neither did we clicked instantly. But some things that i liked about him were very genuine. He had an understanding of the person i was and so did i. We definitely had our fair share of fights n misunderstandings n we were not sure until we got rokafied. What i liked most about him was his commitment to keep a relationship n knowing that no matter how many hardships, he will be there. He is someone i could see myself relying on. Hope he saw the same in me. Every relationship needs constant work irrespective of how much you like or dont like each other. It would have been with any other person as well. No two people are same. But i got to know one thing about him that he would never give up. Thats all it took. Consistency no matter what.