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Raghvendra Singh Niranjan weds Nicy Sachan
Its all started on 4th Feb 2017 (One fine day in 2017). Our families decided our first meeting at Pune, (the city where Nicy is living and working). Moreover it was quite impossible for both of us, to accept the fact that people could actually choose their life partners within a few minutes of talk in a traditional set-up of an arranged marriage. As the tagline says, "Anything can happen over a well-planned lunch", which seemed like a quote just made for us. Though the conversation lasted a mere 45-minutes, i think we both was totally bowled by each other simplicity! Following by it we spent the whole day with each other to understand individual in a better way. At the end of the day we both are ok with everything. Sometimes when we meet someone, there's a click. We both don't believe in love at first sight but we believe in that click. After meeting we both ended up by saying "YES". Then our families meet each other and they agreed even tentatively to this rishta and our engagement get fixed on -2nd April, 2017. (we both are wishing to had a second chance to meet each other again for the first time). After engagement, we take our relationship forward over calls, texts to share our thoughts, views about life and our dreams. and successfully our courtship period lasted for 7-long months. It put it in a nut shell, being engaged was just 'AMAZING'. During those seven months of courtship period, everything took a backseat, thanks to our hectic schedules which allowed us to do only vedio calls once in a week. But, we managed to get rid of all those, and meet whenever possible. As we both are living in different cities. As our courtship unfolded, a leisure trip to the 'Udaipur' where we spent a quality time with each other #a splendid and memorable moments that are cherished forever. That"s the place where we realized that we are soulmate and a little love blossom between us. It was the most special moment of our real love story. Can you still call it an arranged marriage? :P With similar interests, almost similar personalities, no contradicting views, ours' has been a perfect fairy tale, which eventually happens to be the reason and secret of a successful innings as man and wife. Most of the moments during our courtship are the foundation for the same. The golden period from April 2017 to Nov 2017 did the trick, and created the magic between hearts as we got to know at the very instance that we couldn't live without each other. We got married on 3rd December 2017 after that we are enjoying our life.