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Viplove bisen weds Vaishali pawar
Behind every happy couple lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and interference to be that way. Why? Because its what they wanted. True to the words our story was full of excitement , thrill and drama. Both of us were unaware about what is going to happen next in our story. There were problems and hurdles from many sides still there was one thing which tied us together and that was unconditional "LOVE" towards each other . Within a span of just 1 month we found out that we are just incomplete without each other , though we were two opposite personalities still our thinking, goals, thought process about life, likes and dislikes were same. We perfectly matched as a jigsaw puzzle which were meant to be with each other. I still remember the first time he messaged me on 13th August 2018 and till today even after our engagement , not even a single day have passed when we did not talked or were not connected. I found my prince charming who came into my life and stole my heart. "Viplove" the name which instantly make my heart skip a beat and fill me with happiness with his priceless smile. He is my true companion,the most precious gift of my life. Though there were many obstacles in our journey but then all's well that ends well. Finally we both fell in love with each other and decided to spend our lives together. We dated each other for almost 5 months and finally on 9th February,2019 we got engaged and made our bond stronger. He says , that we have changed the definition of arrange marriage by creating an unbreakable bond in a just a span of 5 months. Who says love doesn't happen in arrange marriages , ours is an arrangement of love marriage. Loads full of gratitudes to where i found my perfect match and who made Vaishali and Viplove as Vaishlove :). Thank You.