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Vivek Malviya weds Diksha Sharma
*The Story of Viviksha* We started before it hit, getting hitched while it is at its peak! Pandemic? No, We are talking about the love between us! Here follows our story, our journey from a random text on this app to the nuptial vows in our own way. Back in time, when 2019 was wrapping, Vivek crossed 30 and Diksha turned 26, both leaping pre-defined marriage age slabs decided by society and soon their marriage became a "National Concern". When their marriage was discussed in all possible forums (family, peer, relatives and colleagues ) they were under tremendous pressure to get hitched but yet reserving "the nod" for someone they could relate to and this hunt took a while until they end up making an account on It all started on the last day of 2019 when they shared the first conversation on this app. Neither of them had a clue, that the coming year and this app would bring the sweetest gift to them. It wasn't the first time they were speaking to someone on this app, but it was a different comfort, ease to converse with no efforts. Numbers were swapped, and from chats, in a week they first spoke on call. It was the longest He spoke to someone on call and soon it was evident, if not soulmates they can definitely make great buddies. Ironically, they had nothing in common, ideologies, tastes, passion, food habits , lifestyles but yet there was a strange bond developing between them where they knew they could bare it all, but still, they won't be judged by other person. They met over and over on weekends, spoke for long on calls. There were odds, arguments but soon they started discovering comfort and joy in these disparities. There was an unsaid nod that yes I have found my soulmate. But they were not in a hurry to take any decision. But, here entered the families with their choices and Vivek & Diksha had to confess that they have found someone on matrimony. The families though reluctant at first due to cultural differences, agreed to meet after a long debate. He & She believed that families will take time to meet, know and accept each other. In the meantime, they can meet more & be more firm over their decision. They liked each other. But they weren't in love still. Or were they? The day came when families met and to crash all hopes of their, families accepted each other in the first meeting itself. So, families fell in love before Vivek and Diksha could. Though they convinced families that they needed some more time before they give nod to walk the aisle together. Deadline for giving consent was frozen as 30 days by a family. So now, they just had 30 days to make a decision of a lifetime. Life would be no longer smooth now. He can't be a solo traveller now and She can't dance & fly on her own tunes. With all these appreciations they started speaking more and more. Future plans, outlooks, expectations ..Things and chats getting serious every day. Days passed and much before the 30-day deadline, 20th day to be precise, they knew that they have found the desired one in each other. They got engaged in Mar'20 before the pandemic shuts down the nation. So, their story still couldn't conclude smoothly. Locked in different cities, with all negativity around, seeing their savings crashed, job insecurities, and more was there in place to resist themselves from planning their life ahead together. Frustrations due to all these negativeness could dwindle their hopes and patience too at times. But every fight, every argument just brought them more closer strengthening their bond and making them strongest support for each other. Still, they fight sometimes but they know have found their Jeevansathi from this app and now would be there till eternity... This was the story of our journey that started from Jeevansathi.Com and finally heading to nuptial vows on 27th Nov 2020. *The solo traveller Got his Pillion Seat & Partner reserved for the Longest Bike Trip called "LIFE". The Best Dancer got her baliye for best duet performance called "Relationship" * Vivek & Diksha are now "Viviksha", the way we love to be called as now.🤗