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Aviral Dhawan weds Neha Sharma
Hi All, I have made my ID on on January 2020. I instantly started receiving multiple request from people all over the world. Even the quality of families were also good. So I received a request from a guy in January only and I neither accepted it nor decline however I replied on chat by simply a “Hi” wherein I received the same “Hi” message from Him. After that he again said “Hi” to me after that I didn’t replied further. But at the same time I accepted the interest as well. And after some days I stopped using my ID after that. So in March I again started using my same ID and now I have replied for his “Hi” again. Now he didnt replied after that then on March 10th I.e. Holi, I received a phone call from the same guy’s mother and she referred me the name of the same guy of that ID. Then I checked the ID of the guy and I noticed that we shares the same birthday. Then this thing gave me a click that I should consider it. Then I got his number from his mother. Then we started talking to each other and we found that we were similar in many aspects of life. Then we met on March 15th and things got more comfortable between us then our family met with each other and all things were going good. After that we tie a knot on October 30th, 2020. And we are happily ever after till now. Thanks to that I got my solemate.