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Siddharth Ajmera weds Pooja Jain
We actually didn’t meet in person until our marriage was just a month away. I was in Sydney at the time I first received her text on the 26th of Jan, 2021. But she was back home, in India. The very first conversation that I had with her was about me being in Sydney and I told her that I won’t be able to travel to India to meet her in person for a year or so, due to the border travel restrictions that Australia had put in place. She said she’s still okay to take the conversation ahead to see where it leads us. And then we started chatting on WhatsApp. Our chats turned into voice calls, which then turned into video calls, and a year passed by in a jiffy. I really liked her approach to life and the way she thought about various situations that life presented in front of us. Our conversation throughout hasn’t been all lovey-dovey all the time. We’ve fought a lot as well, like A LOT. But eventually we found a way to still be together and developed a very strong feeling of love and bonding for each other. And 13 months 26 days later, we tied the knot and took our vows to spend the rest of our lives together. We’re still waiting on her Visa to arrive and then she’ll move to Sydney with me and hopefully we’ll explore Australia together very soon.