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Ravikant Sharma weds Nisha Sharma
HELLO . I m Ravikant Sharma & Nisha Sharma;my sweetheart darling wife. Here is our story. GOD" knows who s made for EACH OTHER and when to make them meet. I was doing my Business in Delhi and She was working as a make-up artist in Delhi..But both r from Bhar. The Parents were looking for a Good Match for us. But we didn't like any of the people we met. Coz may be we were waiting for each other to meet. Then I registered in She was already a member here. I had a Messenger chat on the 8th of May 2018 with her brother. I liked his way of talking, character and thinking. I told my parents... ... and finally Engagement had done on *15th May at Delhi...& then after for 9 months,our precious time.. dating each other,We fell in deep love.. ****During 9 months a lot of (some serious &some stupid )problems arised between both families but We told our families ," Whenever I marry I will marry Nisha/Ravi"... and finally We were Married on **14 February 2019. According to me...Marriage is a Bond of full of Trust, Faith, Sacrifices, Compromises and Understandings. GOD knows Who is made for Whom ...Just have to Trust GOD and move ahead...All goes well.... I knew GOD had sent her Specially fo me...😍 I always THANK GOD for giving me her.. And Thank u so much