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Pushkar Deshpandey weds Harshita Bhardwaj
I received a request from the guy named Pushkar Deshpandey, initially what I liked about him was his innocent face and his long hair as his profile didn’t speak much about him. After a day or two he requested for a call and I said yes, at a very first call I spoke to him for almost 5-6 hours, I didn’t realise the time as I got so comfortable talking to him. I kept sharing my stories with him and he listened to everything very interestingly and appreciated all my experiences whether it be good or bad. We kept talking and fell asleep while the call was active, and he nicely kept the phone realising that I slept. And messaged me goodnight. Then we chatted and spoke on call almost everyday, after few days was my birthday wherein he surprised me with a sketch of mine made by him. Being a creative person, that touched my heart. Since then we started talking a lot every now and then. After few days, he came to meet me to Noida. Knowing that I was busy with my event, he cane to meet me in office and accompanied me to the event. Which again touched my heart. Ordering an ice cream when I was on my Periods to sending me my favourite lipstick and perfume. He still keep surprising me with something or the other. He never skips a chance to bring a smile on my face. And finally our families met and we’ve got fixed. January 2020 is our engagement and Nov-Dec will be our wedding. I can never thank enough of Jeevansathi, for making me meet my better half my life partner cum partner in crime. It took me years to find one, but the wait was worth it. It is rightly said by someone that, ‘Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai’ and touchwood I have got all the spices along with sweet that I needed in my life in the name of Pushkar Deshpandey. Prince of my dreams and now my reality.