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Vikram Sehgal weds Prerna Kaushal
Sometimes we never know when life takes a major leap!! The Big Leap in my life was not so long ago !! Hi this is Prerna getting married to this wonderful man Vikram. Vikram and I have known each other for just 2 days before we decided to get married. It’s an Arranged love marriage! Vikram is a marine engineer and I am a banker. We both are the perfect definition of ‘opposites attract’. We both come from absolutely different career fields and absolutely different backgrounds.. It started off as random conversations and dint realize it turned into a wedlock in just two days. !! One day my brother told me about this guy he saw on the site, who is in the merchant navy and seemed to be a good match for me. My instant reaction was, “NO” . But he convinced me to have at least one conversation with Vikram. So I texted him least interested in how this is going to turn up. 15th February This was the day we met and we clicked instantly. Talked for hours and hours that day. But we both could feel a connection and it felt like that we knew each other for ages. Clearly, the two of us hit it off right away. We talked about everything right from life goals to hobbies, to past relationships, to break up, to our favorite alcohol. There was no pretenses. We could totally be ourselves with each other. The day lasted for about 10 hour and we got back home. What swept me off my feet was his confidence when he said I can say a ‘Yes’ right now after spending an entire day together. The same Continued for another day. We met and we spoke to each other for the entire day Me! I returned with a million questions on my mind! Is he ‘The one?’…. Is he The One who will laugh at my shity Jokes? Is he the one, the only one who can tolerate me? Is he the one who can love me like no one could ever do in this Millennium? Is he the one who will complete me? Is he the one who can pour some Magic into my life?.. Thoughts surrounded my head with mixed emotions of doubt, excitement, etc etc It was all soo quick ! .. ‘he could not be the one’ , my mind said. In contrary to that my heart skipped its beat already and confirmed that ‘he is the one’. Our Families met twice in the following week and on the 21st Of February we decided to get anchored for life. Our Lives changed in 6 Days ! I might not have a Prince Charming who would be by my side always but I have a sailor who would always have my Back !!