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Deepak weds Alka
I was working in US from last 4 years and traveling to India just to meet a potential prospect was an impractical idea for me. I always thought that no girl would ever wait months for me but rather 'park' me and look at other prospects. But due to some reason I wanted my 'would-be' to wait for me. Due to this obvious reason I couldn't find the 'right one' for almost 2 years.Then one fine day I got an e-mail from the very lovely 'Alka' which prompted our first conversation that lasted for two hours, then a daily e-mail conversation for one week , 1-2 hrs conversations next weekend and e-mails and then the whole thing repeated for 7 long months. She actually waited . Alka actually waited just for me. We didn't have the guts to face each other over video call but both of us wanted to speak to each other daily , and we spoke , spoke and spoke . When we met after 7 long months we knew that we have been in love for quite long but hadn't really expressed it. We really enjoyed each other's company. We realized that we had discussed all important 'practical' aspects in initial phone conversations itself. Life has been wonderful ever since I spoke to Alka for the first time. She is the beautiful , lovely , caring, darling wife I have ever wanted. Thanks Jeevansaathi. Despite being abroad I was able to find my dream match via . Those who have been looking for their dream match I would just give them one advise.Life is not a movie. Be practical. Before 'not accepting' anybody give a chance to them . For a successful marriage your partner's personality would matter much more than looks. Inner peace matters most and in order to figure that out talk to them rather than 'evaluating' them on the basis of their pics. Good Luck !!