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Kiran Kumar Telukunta weds RSR6500
We started chatting with each other from Nov 28 2012. Initially we used to chat or communicate by e-mails once in a week. Later the frequency of our communication increased. Gradually I felt that we share the same wavelength and he was an honest person. When I got comfortable with him, I also started talking to him on the phone. Initially our parents met each other on 31 Nov 2012. LAter they met me along with my parents after both of us decided to proceed with our relationship. His parents liked me and they were ready to accept a girl of their son's choice. We came close to each other in a month's time and we got engaged to each other on Jan 10, 2013. The wedding date has not been finalized yet. My advice to guys eho post their profile in this website would be don't pretend while talking to girl, be your natural self because girls like honest guys. It would be good if both guys and girls are frank with each other right from the initial days of contact because being diplomatic and landing up in a wrong relationship later in future is not going to be good.