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Devang Jariwala weds Neha Bhatt
I (Devang) had seen, shortlisted, contacted many girls on various matrimonial website but it did not work out then one of my friends suggested me to try and I found the app quite user friendly. On as well I had sent requests, messages, mails to many girls and even contacted the girls/parents of the girls through mobile number, shared my detailed biodata and photos but still nothing was working. And one day I contacted on a girl (Neha). It was 31st October 2017 afternoon. I was just planning to ask some details like birth date, place and time (we believed in kundli matching firmly) but the conversation kept on going and what we both found out was the tuning we had in that conversation. Not many people have understood what I do in my job but this girl could understand completely in a simple phone call and her education profile has barely to do anything with mine. Before that conversation I was sending requests to many girls taking some liberty in caste thing otherwise. Previously I had filtered out brahmins because they don’t give their girls to other castes. But I had to be broader in my selection in getting the partner who can understand me rather than giving importance to caste. After that conversation, I had almost finalized her but had to meet once before we both can decide considering other criteria and can have detailed conversation on future goals and expectations from the partner etc. After that meeting we both were more convinced that yes, we are made for each other and the affection was also making its miracles for sure but of course we had to take the call of our parents and elders and we both knew that CASTE can be a big barrier. It was especially difficult for her as she is a Brahmin which is considered higher than Kshatriyas in Indian Hindu caste system. In convincing her and her larger family, my mother invited in one of my cousin brothers occasion which made the last mark on Neha’s mother that our culture was quite like theirs, even though our castes and the places where we were brought up were quite different. There were other minor issues as well which we gradually sorted out in next few days by visiting each other’s homes. There are many common interests but there are some differences in terms of likes and dislikes but in many, we are complementing each other and in some we are ready to make the adjustments as we both had developed a deep connection from the first conversation. The one thing that helped us to take the final decision was the “mutual understanding”. If that’s the thing which is not working out with the other person, one has to stop at that moment. Of course, the trust is the most important thing and we both had realized in our first conversation itself that we are trustworthy and honest. But even before that comes the mutual understanding (tuning). We got engaged on 11th Feb 2018. And we are going to get married on 10th December 2018. Thank you team for giving the platform to find the soulmates All the best to and to the current and future users Best Regards Neha & Devang