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Swapnil Patil weds Surabhi Shinde
Swapnil & Surabhi This is life turning experience for both of us. We couldn't even imagine how we met and became soulmates in very short time. We did not have any common friend but our native place is common that's why we have got links through relatives later on.We started chatting and video calls from the first day itself. We always wanted to get to know each other very well so decided to understand each other and then will involve our families.From the first day, he made me smile through his conversations. I have shared all my creativities and hobbies with him and he is slowly unfolding his talents with me and then I was wondering ohh to whom I was showing my creativities. He was far better Artist than me.Days went and our bond became so strong. Due to covid situations, we had struggled a lot for our first meet then we finally met in September and then families were involved and our engagement dates fixed. We got engaged on 8th November, 2020 in small function including covid rules and regulations. Then we have decided instead of doing large marriage function we will go for register marriage and then we managed our families to get approval on this. However, we finally got legally married on 23rd December, 2020. Thank you ❤️