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Mahisya Brides Matrimonial

  • Mahisya Brides
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Matched by Jeevansathi

Mahisya Brides

The Mahisya community members belong to the state of West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and Tripura. The community comes under the Vaishyas division of the Hindu Varna system. Matrimonial ceremony for the Mahisya community spans for several days. Some important wedding rituals involving the Mahisya Brides are 'Aai Budo Bhaat', 'Saankha Porano' and 'Subho Drishti'. The common surnames for Mahisya brides are Sarkar, Majumdar, Biswas, Samanta, Santra, Mallik, Mondal, Roy and Mandal.

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