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Sindhi Brides Matrimonial

  • Sindhi Brides
  • alps123

    56 Years, 5' 4" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | amil(Gotra)| M.A| Rs. 3 - 4 Lakh| Admin Professional| Mumbai

  • FP2228

    46 Years, 5' 4" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | MBA/PGDM| No Income| Sr. Manager/ Manager| Mumbai

  • namratarel

    41 Years, 5' 4" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | B.Com| Rs. 35 - 50 Lakh| Project Manager - Non IT| Mumbai

  • tina_tins

    43 Years, 5' 3" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | B.Com| No Income| Not working| Mumbai

  • ZWA1637

    46 Years, 5' 0" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | M.Com| Rs. 10 - 15 Lakh| Admin Professional| Indore

  • anu_123

    43 Years, 5' 6" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | B.Com| Rs. 3 - 4 Lakh| BPO/ITes Professional| Mumbai

  • YXW1072

    42 Years, 5' 4" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | BBA| No Income| Not working| Baroda/Vadodara

  • ZTZ4877

    46 Years, 5' 1" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | kashyap(Gotra)| B.A| Rs. 1 - 2 Lakh| Not working| Ulhasnagar

  • ZWT8267

    41 Years, 5' 7" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | nagdev(Gotra)| M.S. (Medicine)| Rs. 15 - 20 Lakh| Doctor| Mumbai

  • AnjuSapru

    44 Years, 5' 2" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | don't know(Gotra)| B.A| Under $25,000| Looking for job| Dubai

  • aries5

    51 Years, 5' 3" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | M.Com| Rs. 7.5 - 10 Lakh, Teacher | Kandla

  • YRW3793

    47 Years, 5' 4" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | B.Com| No Income| Fitness Professional| Ahmedabad

  • XRV7423

    52 Years, 5' 1" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | M.Sc| Rs. 35 - 50 Lakh| CxO/ Chairman/ President/ Director| Hyderabad/Secunderabad

  • 3shna

    42 Years, 5' 3" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | kukreja(Gotra)| BCA| Rs. 20 - 25 Lakh| Sr. Manager/ Manager| Others

  • YSS4984

    43 Years, 5' 2" | Hindu / Sindhi| Sindhi | MBA/PGDM| Rs. 20 - 25 Lakh| CxO/ Chairman/ President/ Director| Mumbai

Matched by Jeevansathi

Bharat & Saniya
Bharat Dalwani & Saniya Vatwani
I and bharat were classmates in commerce school but unfortunately we never talked during our school days. Also we’re Friends on social media but there too we never comm ...
View More
Chand & Bhavika
Chand Dialani & Bhavika Wagh
We met through JS app, his sister and my sister were dealing with the account. We met got to talking it clicked and within 6 months we go married. We met in September and ...
View More
Shlok & Tanuja
Shlok Shahani & Tanuja Gurbani
Met on JS, spoke 2-3 times via calls, met one day, took a photo together, liked it and hence met again, you then discussed basic values, was a perfect fit, involved paren ...
View More
Arno & Neha
Arno Devnani & Neha Assudani
I met Neha through JS app, I found her interesting, & then we started chatting. We found each other compatible & understanding. After a few weeks, we met at a nic ...
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Gaurav & Naina
Gaurav Chandani & Naina Nihalani
We met over jeevansathi and instantly hit it off. Unfortunately, we declined each other because we couldn't agree on location to settle. But Krishna has some other p ...
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Rahul & Kanchan
Rahul Bajaj & Kanchan
I met her on jeevansathi. We connected. We talked. We understood. We married.
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Girish & Harshita
Girish Nankani & Harshita Nebhwani
We talked, we clicked. Thank you very much Jeevansathi Team.
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Gaurav & Shweta
Gaurav Dharmwani & Shweta Tiwari
We met on instantly over phone and chat and started dating.after several months of dating we finally got married on 18th feb 2024.thank you jeev ...
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Sunny & Radha
Sunny Ahuja & Radha Waswani
We connect via js and we like each other and finally connected and fall in love with each other.
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Dheeraj & Sanam
Dheeraj Thakwani & Sanam Punjabi
We connected through chat on Jeevansathi, exchanged contacts and just hit it off in our first call. We discussed about each other's life, past and future ambitions, ...
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Hitesh & Sandhia
Hitesh Sevlani & Sandhia Ahuja
We have got a match on jeevansathi and hitched up for lifetime. It was a great experience. Never thought i will get my partner online. Thanks to jeevansathi to make us me ...
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Jacky & Chandani
Jacky Ganwani & Chandani Thacker
We meet on JS 1year before & recently we decided to be with each other,Thanks to the whole team of JS
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Sindhi Brides

Hindu Sindhi are the people belonging to Sindh region practicing Hinduism. Sindhis are found across India and are basically a business class. The wedding celebrations among Sindhis are grand with exotic marriage reception. A Hindu sindhi bride wears sparkling dress usually red in color on her wedding day and matches it with gold jewelry. Sindhi marriages involve lots of fun and frolic attended by many relatives, neighbors and guests. Arranged inter-caste marriage is widely accepted by Sindhis.

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