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    • 41, 5' 11"
    • B.E/B.Tech, Liberal Arts (self edu.); Perennial
    • Bangalore
    • Businessperson
    • Hindu, Brahmin
    • No Income
    • Gujarati / Kutchi
    • Never Married
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     Life's either a daring adventure (of the mind & then the body) or nothing. 
    -- Helen Keller, with my twist 
    Open-minded? Can look beyond a mere number/age? 
    - If yes, we're ON! :-) 
    - If not, So long! (with this, you now wouldn't have to get bugged by my soliloquy.. :-) ) 
    While not me, the calendar still chose to turn over a new leaf! :-) (didn't get it? My D-day.. (Nov. Born) ) While it tagged me '40', my inner & outer self defy its tag! :-) 
    Tat Tvam Asi! Yes, That Thou Art!, literally & figuratively. Yes Mademoiselle, i'm speaking with you! :-) Those three words (TTA) hold water, don't they? And how! (speaking purely from a spiritual, realist, & non-religious PoV). That lofty, pithy quandary in the Veda & its like have kept on my toes :-) ! Virtus vincit omnia is another such.. 
    Yes, interpretations galore of TTA's true/original intent. Way i look at it, there appear very few more primordial yet holistic ways to navigate that exacting pursuit of self-actualization or to better discover life's essence! Goes without saying, there's no one-best-way.. 
    Now, not being worldly isn't the point here.. (Goes beyond..., towards making a difference, to self & others.) 
    Few specifics, before we delve further in? :-) (plain speak, but may exceed 140 characs/Twitter-lingo.. :-) ) 
    Firstly, Thank You, for choosing to take a peek! 
    Okay, let's then start with the BIG one.. 
    What's life, to me? 
    Being fully alive & cognizant of the associated processes is in itself nothing short of sheer amazement! While one can go on, what Somerset Maugham once said resonates very well with my outlook here. And he put it together more eloquently than i could in a jiffy - 'To live is to explore, discover, experience, create, achieve, and share'. Amen. 
    A journey, than a destination.. Transactional or zero sum it surely is not.. 
    What do i do, professionally? 
    Cogito. Actio. 
    In accordance, started own venture. Currently provide business solutions - niche consulting & software product creation. And, given my penchant for creativity & design, i'm involved in Interior design & niche furniture creation business. A primary goal with my profession/ business is to make a +ve, tangible difference in at least few people's lives. 
    While the techne edge my Engg. Edu. & initial professional period gave me, the diverse areas i've always liked (literature to software to Geopolitics..) saw my professional interests align accordingly. This, coupled with my entrepreneurial itch eventually got better of my early-professional-me. And the process, hopefully, evolving me into a broader, 'global' me, if you will. 
    Okay, okay, let's rid of this 'me', 
    To better align Tat Tvam Asi? 
    Ah, this nouveau alibi, 
    to shove in poetic justice.. :-) 
    BTW, what one does for a living & living one's life are strangely perceived as *very* different by many! 
    JFYI, alongside my current work, am working on a plan to set up a venture (a 'creative' one; likely in Dubai/ Mumbai) with plans to later expand in different geographies. 
    What kind of a person am i looking for? 
    Hmmm.. One of those big ones.. 
    While i'll list more details below, would say am looking for a partner in the truest sense, one that makes the other complete! (yes, 'complete' is actually an oxymoron for life in nature is too vast & diverse for that) 
    Someone with the enthu, open-mindedness, & the smarts to experience & cherish the endlessly varied facets of life (Mother Nature, humans included, has way too much to offer). 
    Why am i *still* unmarried? (esp. When being this good! Ha ha.. ) 
    Firstly, you ought to be glad! :-) 
    That said, i haven't yet found the ONE! 
    Looking back, i'd been content with my life & preoccupied with life's endlessly varied facets. Come to think of it now, i haven't had a fling/affair either! (Yeah, i'm straight.. :-) and fit! ) Guess, given my interests & penchant for self-discovery, i'd not really missed not having a girlfriend.. 
    Lately, been sensing that life's less meaningful without that ONE! 
    And how far would i go for that right one? 
    For my ONE, i'm willing to go any length - that extra 1/10/100/1000/10000+ mile(s) (that's it?!, you quip! - Yes. Earth's circumference itself is some 20K-odd miles! Some people are never content! :-) ). Yes, that even in the literal sense! Yes, am open to relocate, though been at home in Bangalore. MCP attitude is a clear no-no! Being self-employed makes the relocation bit tad easier or so i hope! Not necessarily to, say, a Papua New Guinea, though, given the narratives, i seem to like that place (eco-diversity, heterogeneity,... )!! :-) Again, you're not narrow-minded i hope, to misconstrue the +ve mindset (quite easy to.. As, in the end, all's in the mind). 
    With Q & As getting their due, let there (again!) be some poetic justice! Literally.. :-) 
    Nature hath its ways, twhich we knoweth naught, 
    Marcheth away one yet, towards that starry dot. 
    While my star too lieth thither, shiny and right, 
    May i ask if she travelleth beside, to her Sun or mine? 
    Or together we goeth to a star, new and bright, 
    Taking others along, making a meaningful ride. 
    Aye, travelling through this lovely journey called life, 
    Remaineth incomplete without that true partner beside! 
    - Yours truly 
    Ahh, i know.. Damage control needed! ...real quick! :-) Let me at least try improving my odds.. With damage already done, best revival i could marshal is get a cool poet by my side! Thanks Rilke! 
    See how in their veins all becomes spirit; 
    into each other they mature and grow. 
    Like axles, their forms tremblingly orbit, 
    round which it whirls, bewitching and aglow. 
    Thirsters, and they receive drink, 
    watchers, and see: they receive sight. 
    Let them into one another sink, 
    So as to endure each other outright. 
    - Rainer Maria Rilke 
    Far from mine, a lovely paean/ode this, to those in love &, in a way, touching upon its conduct. Seems quite apt here, two people exploring something akin. Doesn't it? BTW, Rilke rocks, doesn't he? Few others now pop into the mind.. Amidst all, one that strikes a chord is the simple but ubiquitous 'Road not taken' (of Frost). My matrimonial matter seems very much the case as i continue to swim against those tides of marrying-within-a-certain-age, all the coaxing from family to get married ASAP, etc. Etc.. :-) Been clear about marrying that 'right' person, whenever i happen to find her (& not until then). When i look back at a ripe old age, hope taking this road less traveled by would really have made a qualitative difference! That may be the real Litmus test, right? 
    Care for more? :-) You're sure?? :-) Okay then, here goes... 
    Crunching gray matter from dawn to dusk for daily bread/thrill and then again from dusk to dawn, purely for daily thrill. :-) Fingers trapped in the pies of business, technology, literature, and self-discovery. Gets turned on by science, sports, art, adventure, books, people, nature, intellect, politics, speed, theatre, wit, melody, etc. Etc. (spare the order) and turned off by... Actually doesn't matter, learning to co-exist with them all. .... Well, almost! :-) Blessed/ cursed with enough quirks to make life interesting as well as lengthy enough for editions... :-) Is coming to grips with being at home with the material & the philosophical, people & solitude, joy & pain, dissatisfaction & contentment... (Ah, those lovely paradoxes!) A dreamer by birth, a doer at heart, a realist by choice, a player by circumstance, a victor by destiny (?). Well, as that slightly faust-ian poet once remarked, if i knew myself, i'd run away!.. Same applies? :-) 
    Per me, we're living in very interesting but paradoxical, non-linear times. Bit of non-linearity is a given. Period. 
    Also, there's some sort of satisfaction in doing what you really believe in.. Yes, ol' Bob Frost again. :-) You ever felt that? 
    Flesym tuoba eroM ?? (if you've managed to come this far, you're quite patient for sure! :-) ) Aye, Aye, let's pick some steam... 
    To me, life is precious. A journey that's most valuable and the only chance to pursue one's purpose-of-life (which, per me, transforms into a mutually designed joint-purpose-of-life when two people decide to tie a knot). Life is sooo interesting, isn't it? Has so much to offer!! I'm of the opinion that this journey-of-life can become truly fulfilling if there's an equally zealous companion along side... Many a times, the average human life span (70-80 years) seems too short.. :-( 
    As for physical appearance, they say, i'm well-built, handsome, & look much younger than my age. (NO, i'm not a narcissist! :-) ) Well, such opinion's usually expressed by folks around me. Yes, it all depends on the standards of those people! :-) 
    I'm for uniting multiple schools of thought which, if done right, works. Believe in guiding principles. One of mine is - 'Exploring the possible' (going beyond the usual conventions of possibility). As in every sphere of life, i strive to extend this principle into my profession where i've now gone entrepreneur (one cherished aspiration - making a qualitative difference in people's lives) after working with some cool software product/ IT companies. 
    Little Notes: (owing to some people i've come across lugging along a certain mindset.. And so now, ironically, you, the 'right/ open' minded (given that you've continued reading thus far), have to bear the brunt of reading through these Notes! :-) Yes, not forgetting that right-minded (?) who's (likely bit dispassionately) prompted to share these clarifications in the first place! :-) ) 
    a. Age factor: 
    It's all in the eye of the beholder. Just in case someone is narrow-mindedly looking at my age as a -ve, all i'd say is, the passing of time has made me more open-minded, non-judgmental, & accommodating, among other things. Yes, that's more like reverse-aging! While people generally get rigid with time, thanks to me :-), i'm going the other way.. I actually find myself being more enthu/ passionate about life & allied aspects now than i was few years back! 
    And then, looking for that 'right' one has taken its time. Is SHE listening yet? :-) 
    b. 'Higher' 'Degrees'/Edu. , the formal way: 
    Now, without a doubt, i respect any & all education one has garnered, be it the formal or the informal way. However, for me, post Engineering studies, with hopefully bit more prudence (&, of course, the discretion), i'd felt i would want to continue to learn all that i wanted to though soon realizing that the 'formal' edu. Wouldn't be as effective a means, given my disparate interests. Also, while i've done Engg. From a well-known tech. School, didn't feel excited enough to study some uninteresting subjects that made up a Masters, etc., immaterial of the associated social/perceived value/ brand. Preferred, & been, studying the varied subjects i love, through self-edu. / empiricism. Term it as my means to the end, if you will.. Thence, don't carry that 'tag'.. 
    As for what brings me to this platform, guess i've been preoccupied with my career & interests in the past few years and hence didn't focus on the marital aspect of life. Feel that it's time i looked into that aspect and also time i added a new dimension to life. This portal, like another one of this sort, makes huge claims and hence decided to give it a try. 
    Well, that's it from me.. An understatement?? :-) 
    PS: Frankly, i started with an intention to be as brief as possible but after looking at the content i've put down, content clearly has had an upper hand vis-a-vis my intentions to be very brief. :-) All this, when i detest sounding pompous - talking about me, me, and me all the way... So, i'm sorry if i've unwittingly thrust an excess of myself on you! 
    On the other hand, i think all of us have so much to say about our individual 'world' - our life, our thoughts, our perceptions, etc. That a few paragraphs about us would never do justice... Isn't it? 
    Bored/ excited? Go figure! :-) 
    May your wish come true soon enough! Buena suerte! 

    About his Family

    A close-knit, open-minded family with a strong set of values. 
    Mom, an erstwhile teacher (pre-marriage), is a lovely home-maker and a culinary ace. Dad's a science professional turned businessman (joined the family business after working for an MNC). Bro (younger) is in Business, with dad. He's hitched. Bhabhi is a lovely person, from a good family. She's a post graduate, working with a Pharma company. Though they're settled in a different city, we keep meeting each other. 
    .....belong to a lineage i'm proud of. 


    Not filled in


    Not filled in

    Education & Career
    • Highest Education


    • School Name

      Not filled in

    • UG Degree


    • UG College

      Not filled in

    • Other UG Degree

      Liberal Arts (self edu.); Perennial

    • Occupation


    • Work Status


    • Organization Name

      Not filled in

    • Annual Income

      No Income

    Family Details
    • Mother is


    • Father is


    • Sister(s)

      0 sister

    • Brother(s)

      1 brother of which 1 married

    • Sub-caste

      Not filled in

    • Gothra

      Not filled in

    • Gothra (maternal)

      Not filled in

    • Family Status

      Not filled in

    • Family Income

      Not filled in

    • Family Type

      Nuclear Family

    • Family Values

      Not filled in

    • Family based out of

      Bangalore, Karnataka

    • Appearance

      Athletic, Fair, 71 Kg

    • Habits

      Eggetarian, Drinks occasionally, Doesn't smoke

    • Assets

      Not filled in

    • Languages Known

      English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Tulu

    • Blood Group

      Not filled in

    • Residential Status


    • Special Cases

      Challenged - None, Thalassemia - No, HIV+ - No

    • Open to pets
    He Likes
    Desired Partner

    Someone with whom i can partner for life! Intent is to forge a great partnership for life that goes beyond yet-another-married-life such that, together, life rocks! You get the drift i'm sure. Ideal partner: Yes, ideal is utopian. But optimism (grounded) is real! :-) There are certain attributes i'm looking for. In short, whlle i'm not looking at an exact replica of myself, would like someone with a good overlap in certain fundamental aspects and then, could even be tangential in some of the rest. A healthy mix of commonalities & differences.. Some of those aspects? Has/is - a strong value system, a healthy sense of self, can hold diverse perspectives, educated (in the holistic/true sense), decent looking, social, optimistic, decent overlap in outlook & interests, ambitious, inclined towards doing social good, etc.. Gave you some idea i hope. Will share more when we sync up.

    • Age

      29 to 40 Years

    • Height

      5' 2" to 5' 11"

    • Marital Status

      Never Married

    • Religion

      Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain

    • Smoke


    • Drink

      Yes, Occasionally

    • Body Type

      Slim, Average, Athletic

    Profile managed by Self

    Last updated on 30th Jun, 2017

    • Place of Birth

      Not filled in

    • Date of Birth

      Nov 24, 1975

    • Time of Birth

      Not filled in

    • Horoscope match is not necessary

    • Sun sign

      Not filled in

    • Rashi/Moon Sign

      Not filled in

    • Nakshatra

      Not filled in

    • Manglik


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