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    ZVWW9885 Last Online 10:36 AM
    • 32, 5' 10"
    • B.E/B.Tech
    • Baroda/Vadodara
    • Businessperson
    • Hindu, Brahmin
    • Rs. 15 - 20 Lakh
    • Gujarati / Kutchi
    • Never Married
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     Just by Looking into Each Other's Eyes, We fall in Love Sometimes. 
    Just by Closing your Eyes, You accepted my "Proposal of Love" First time. 
    I just do not know, How it all Happened? 
    How beautiful is this feeling of Love!!!!! 
    You were just a Stranger One Moment Ago.. 
    But now you have Become the "Only Reason why I am Living this Life". 
     - By Me (For Someone Very Special)  
    Pranam & Jay Shri Krishna Everyone,  
    The SUN, Himself is Your Guide in this Odyssey of Life, 
    . . . . . . . . . Darkness can never touch you.  
    Same way, 
    If the "True-Love" (Me) is Holding your Hands, 
    . . . . . . . . . Sadness can never Touch you(My Future Wife).  
    Every Morning, when I wake up, I fold my Hands & close my Eyes & Pray to the Sun, "Please Take care of my Soul-mate & Protect her & Give Her Never Ending Happiness." Truth is, I have never seen my Soul-mate.Never met Her.So, I often get nervous, thinking if she Might be Happy in Her Life without Me? I can't help Her, Stand by Her Side. So I Pray to the Sun to Take care of her until I Meet Her. Because Sun-Rays can reach Each & Every Corner of this World & with that my Prayers to my Soul-mate & Prayers Never fail as Long as we do it from the Bottom of Our Hearts. 
    Future Wife madam, Now You know, Why Morning Sun-Rays are So Warm? Because they are not Sun-Rays but my Love-Rays. You should know, there is a Guy, Praying for Your Happiness. Who wants to take care of you. Who wants to See you Happy & Smiling. Even Before Marriage..Even Before Meeting you. Am I Unbelievably Romantic? I am Sorry. But that's TRUTH.  
    After all, I am a Sweet Gujarati Boy & I have the Birth-Right to fall in Love with my Soul-mate. 
    1: We are not Dowry Seekers neither before nor after Marriage. 
    2: I wish to Have a Simple Court Marriage provided my Soul-mate & her family Support this Idea. Spending money in Marriage Ceremony doesn't Interest me. 
    My Education: I have done B.Tech in Computer Engineering from Nirma University. (I wish to study masters Soon). I am naturally Very Fair & Handsome (without any Fair & Handsome Creams..haha..Those interested to know the secret of my Fairness is - Milk. I don't drink Tea & Coffee..haha..On a serious note, I think, my Heart is White or Pure and Purity in Heart reflects on Face. Besides I am Shukla ..It Means White.). I am Very Strong Mentally and My Heart is Very Soft & Romantic (I write Romantic Poems when in Good Mood). Above all I am a Shri Gaud Brahmin Groom & I am proud of my Sanskar that my parents have taught me. I have a good sense of humor too. So you can't spend your time with me without laughing. You like to Laugh, don't you?  
    My Life-Style: I have no bad habits like Chewing Tobacco, consuming alcohol, Smoking. It means, I belong to just 1% People in this World without above Bad Habits. My wifey will be Lucky. Not only that, we take Pure Vegetarian SatVik Food. i.e. Prasad. 
    2. Commitment: The biggest Reason for a girl to marry me is my Commitment. I Never break Your Heart. I am made for Only 1 Girl & My Ocean of Love is Only for 1 Girl. In my Heart, there is no Place for any other Girl Except my Wife. So I will Never Leave you alone after Marriage. 100% Guarantee. 
    3. Loyal: Husbands in today's time don't think twice before cheating their wives for other girls. I want to assure my wife & her Parents, I have not cheated my Wife before marriage & when I have not cheated my future wife before marriage, It is clear, I can't do that Sin after Marriage too. I am 1 Woman-Man. 
    4. Love-Story: I wish to be a Part of a Eternal Love-Story.But I can't write this Love Song alone. My Wife Madam, I need your Support. Together, we can a write a Beautiful Love-Story & Believe me, it will be a Fairy-tale.. 
    Now Close Your Eyes & think for a While. When U Open UR Eyes & If you Feel my Love is Enough for You, do Let me Know Your Answer. 
    I am waiting.

    About his Family

    I believe, Marriage happens Only Once in a Life. Therefore, When I will Marry, I will Spread Fewi-Kwik on my Hands before Holding the Hands of my Wife in "Hasth-Melap".haha..You all know what Happens Next? Fewi-Kwik Bond. Unbreakable Bond. Nobody can Separate us after that. haha..Actually, for me, Marriage is Love-Bond of 7 Lives & I want this Bond to be as Strong as "Krishna's Love-Bond with Radha". 
    My Family: We are only 3 members in My family. My Mom, Pops & me. My Parents are So Kind & they want a Daughter (Not a daughter-in-Law). My wife will get Same Love & Care from my Parents as my Sister used to get Before her marriage. I wish to take care of my Parents-in-Law in the same Manner, I take care of my Own Parents. It means, Parents-in-Law, I will seek your Blessings as your Own Son. Please Don't be Miser in Giving me Blessings as your Son..You will get a Son & My Parents will get a Daughter. Lucky You Once again.


    Benefits of Marriage with me: 
    1. Career: Being My Wife, You will have Complete Freedom to Study or Work After Marriage. I offer my Unconditional Support for Your Career. Your Career is my Career & Your Happiness is my Ultimate Goal. You can Start your Own Clinic or Company or anything you Like.  
    Remember, Wife Madam, " You can Conquer Entire World with only 1 hand, as long as I am Holding your Another hand. Fewi-Kwik Bond..haha. 
    I am not Saying, Your Life's path will be as Smooth as Silk, While we will be walking together; 
    I am Saying, I will remove all Thorns & Spread Flower Petals on your path, if you walk with me. 
    I am not Saying, You will never Face Darkness, While we will be living together; 
    I am Saying, I will hold your Hands Tight & Won't Let you Fall Down in dark, if you walk with me. 
    I am not Saying, You will have to Remember me Every moment of your life; 
    I am Saying, I will not Stop Loving you until the Last Breath of my Life,if you marry me. 
    - By Me


    The Reason:: The Only Reason, why I have Emphasized My Feelings of Love Here, to Underline the Truth & My Eternal belief that -- LOVE Should be the Only Reason for Marriage.. 
    I am not talking about that Feeling wherein a Boy who falls in Love with So many Girls in his Life-Time...That is Attraction ...I am talking about Sacred Love ...Which Radha-Krishna Love-story Teaches Us all... 
    I am not a Guy who Runs after Girls.. Like all Boys do...Chasing Girls is not my Nature..I just want to Explain to Only & Only One Person & it is my Soul-mate to be, if at all, She is Reading my Words, 
    If you Fall in Love with me, You will Never Regret... 
    My Love is Pure..Because..I have never Fallen in Love with Any Other My whole Life.. 
    My Love is Sacred..Because..I wish to fall in Love with Only 1 Girl..-My Soul-mate... 
    My Love is not Temporary...Because..I wish to Hold You Close to my Heart...Entire my Life.. 
    Trust Me Once ...Rest will be a History.. :)

    Education & Career
    • Highest Education


    • School Name

      Alembic Vidhyalaya

    • UG Degree


    • UG College

      Nirma University of Science and Technology

    • Other UG Degree

      Not filled in

    • Occupation


    • Organization Name

      Partners with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd BPCL

    • Annual Income

      Rs. 15 - 20 Lakh

    Family Details
    • Mother's Occupation


    • Father's Occupation


    • Sister(s)

      1 sister of which 1 married

    • Brother(s)

      0 brother

    • Sub-caste


    • Gothra


    • Gothra (maternal)


    • Family Status

      Upper Middle

    • Family Income

      Rs. 15 - 20 Lakh per Annum

    • Family Type

      Nuclear Family

    • Family Values


    • Family based out of

      Baroda/Vadodara, Gujarat

    • Living with parents
    • Appearance

      Slim, Very Fair, 74 Kg

    • Habits

      Vegetarian, Doesn't drink, Doesn't smoke

    • Assets

      House - Yes, Car - No

    • Languages Known

      English, Hindi

    • Blood Group

      Not filled in

    • Residential Status


    • Special Cases

      Challenged - None, Thalassemia - No, HIV+ - No

    • Not open to pets
    He Likes
    Gardening / Landscaping
    Favourite read
    Philosophy / Spiritual
    Favourites : Ramayana Under Screening
    Dress style
    Trendy - in line with the latest fashion, Classic Western - typically western formal wear
    Favourite TV shows
    Mahabharata Under Screening
    Preferred Movies
    Favourites : Titanic,Rab Ne bana di Jodi, Fault in our Stars Under Screening
    Sports Fitness
    Jogging / Walking
    Favourite Cuisine
    I Cook : Gujarati Under Screening
    Favourite Vacation destination
    Swiss , Norway Under Screening
    Desired Partner

    INTERESTED in MY PROFILE? How to Proceed: 1. First of all, all Parents of the Brides, It is my Humble Request to you all, NEVER FEAR CONTACTING ME. 2. I maintain DIGNITY & SANCTITY of all the BRIDES & their PARENTS while talking on Emails, Chats or on Phone or Even During Family Meetings. So You can be assured, You Will Never Feel Insulted. 3. I also wish to Convey that, I Never Initiate Communication From My Side. Because I Believe, Bride has the FIRST RIGHT to choose the Groom for Herself. Groom Has no First Right.So My Profile & all details are in front of you. If Any Girl(s) Find Me Suitable for HerSelf, Let Me KNow & I will Communicate with you. 4. From My Side, I will Never Disturb You as I Have Never Disturbed Any Brides in Life by Sending First an Interest or Message From MY SIDE. I always REPLY. Never Begin Communication. 5. I can Provide all the Documents & Details for Transparency to Build Trust. So Be Assured, My Profile is 100% Genuine & T

    • Age

      18 to 30 Years

    • Height

      4' 0" to 7'

    • Marital Status

      Never Married

    • Country

      Australia, Canada, India, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland

    • Religion


    • Caste

      Brahmbatt, Brahmin- All, Brahmin 6000 Niyogi, Brahmin Anavil, Brahmin Andhra- All, Brahmin Audichya, Brahmin Bajkhedwal, Brahmin Barendra, Brahmin Bengali- All, Brahmin Bhargava, Brahmin Bhatt, Brahmin Bhumihar, Brahmin Brahacharanam, Brahmin Daivadnya, Brahmin Deshastha, Brahmin Dhiman, Brahmin Dravida- All, Brahmin Dravida, Brahmin Dunua, Brahmin Garhwali, Brahmin Gaud Saraswat (GSB), Brahmin Gaur- All, Brahmin Gaur, Brahmin Goswami, Brahmin Gujar Gaur, Brahmin Gujrati- All, Brahmin Gurukkal, Brahmin Halua, Brahmin Havyaka, Brahmin Hoysala, Brahmin Iyengar, Brahmin Iyer, Brahmin Jangid, Brahmin Jangra, Brahmin Jhadua, Brahmin Jhijhotiya, Brahmin Jogi, Brahmin Kannada- All, Brahmin Kanyakubj- All, Brahmin Kanyakubj, Brahmin Karhade, Brahmin Karnataka- All, Brahmin Kashmiri Pandit, Brahmin Koknastha, Brahmin Kota, Brahmin Kulin, Brahmin Kumaoni, Brahmin Madhwa, Brahmin Maharastra- All, Brahmin Maithil, Brahmin Modh, Brahmin Mohyal, Brahmin Nagar, Brahmin Namboodiri, Brahmin Narmadiya, Brahmin Panda, Brahmin Pandit, Brahmin Pareek, Brahmin Pushkarna, Brahmin Rajasthani- All, Brahmin Rarhi, Brahmin Rigvedi, Brahmin Rudraj, Brahmin Sakaldwipi, Brahmin Sanadya, Brahmin Sanketi, Brahmin Saraswat- All, Brahmin Saraswat, Brahmin Saryuparin, Brahmin Shivalli, Brahmin Shrimali, Brahmin Smartha, Brahmin Sri Vishnava, Brahmin Tyagi, Brahmin Utkal- All, Brahmin Vaidiki, Brahmin Viswa, Brahmin Vyas, Brahmin Yajurvedi

    • Mother tongue

      Hindi-Delhi, Hindi-MP, Hindi-UP, Bihari, Haryanvi, Rajasthani/Marwari, Punjabi, Himachali, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati / Kutchi, Konkani, , Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, , , Tulu, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, , , , , , Sikkim/ Nepali, , English,

    • Diet

      Vegetarian, Non Veg, Jain, Eggetarian

    • Smoke

      Yes, No, Occasionally

    • Drink

      Yes, No, Occasionally

    • Complexion

      Very Fair, Fair, Wheatish, Wheatish Brown, Dark

    • Body Type

      Slim, Average, Athletic, Heavy

    • Challenged


    Profile managed by Self

    Last updated on 19th Feb, 2017

    • Place of Birth

      Vadodara, Gujarat, India

    • Date of Birth

      Dec 30, 1985

    • Time of Birth

      10 hrs:00 mins

    • Sun sign


    • Rashi/Moon Sign


    • Nakshatra

      Ashlesha/ Ayilyam

    • Manglik


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