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Abhishek Varma weds Vaishali Pakhale
Its amazing that how can do the job that has been left pending by 'Cupid' himself. I had my profile on every matrimonial sites.I have communicated with several members,met a few of them too.I received hell lot of positive proposals from various matrimonial sites.Somehow it didn't clicked.So i decided date soon i will delete all my profiles from every matrimonial sites. The Most Memorable Night. On 3rd of March 2006,i checked my jeevansathi account,,,there were 20-30 profiles on pending list.So i decided to reply few of them .The first profile i came across was RV5475{ Presently one of abhishek's friend is using this lucky RV5475 jeevansathi id}.So just for timepass i clicked on 'Accept'.Then i logged out from the jeevansathi account.I was online on yahoo messenger.....suddenly a guy ping me from the yahoo messenger id ,my first question was who is dis ? Do i know u ?How u got my id ? He said just now u accepted my profile in was a paid member and i was a free member.{It was by chance that he added my yahoo messenger id and apparently we both logged in at the same time !! CUPID STRIKED!!!},,,,i asked him his profile details....and just to confirm ,i again logged in to to check more about him,,,before making any further was by chance that i added his id to my msn chat. apparently he logged in at the same time!! CUPID STRIKED!!!On the same night we chatted for more that 5-6 hrs subsequently we exchanged couple of emails and our pictures too and finally our contact numbers.On the same night he proposed me for marriage.......i was like wat??? Is he gone mad???How can i marry a guy without meeting him?So i never took him seriously.He was working in Mumbai and i was in New Delhi.Many a times he said that he wud like to meet me.....but same was not interested coz i had this misconception dat,' IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND SOMEONE THRU WEBSITE'.Infact in the mean time he visited Delhi to celebrate holi,,,again he asked me for meeting.I made a gud excuse.But someway or the oder he was in my mind....i started feeling a soft feeling for him....but i was not sure whether it is 'LOVE ' or not.I was very much confused.Finally on 18 june he said dat he is coming to delhi to attend one of his friend's wedding on 20 June2006{POOJA N ANKUR's WEDDING}....and he expressed his desire to meet me and decide each and everything finally.He took a short vacation {4days }and flew down to see me.I agreed and without informing my parents i went for niteout to attend his's friendz wedding and ofcourse to meet him.We both were very clear that if we didn't clicked den we won't proceed further.i was well prepared but was quite nervous.On Pooja's Wedding ,within few hours of our meeting each other,Abhishek proposed me and i excepted without hesitation. Both of us agreed to be each other's eternal partners, because both of us already made the decisions prior to our meeting that we want to spend the rest of our lifes together as both of us were deeply in love even before we met.Next morning he went back to mumbai.Wen he left Delhi ....i was so disheartened,,was missing him badly.On 29th june we both were chatting,,suddenly he said that tomorrow ur coming to mumbai,,,as bth were missing each oder badly...and also we could spend more time,,and explore each oder well.Again i didn't informed my intentions to my parents...dat i am going to Mumbai just to meet him.Although my mom knew about Abhishek....but i didn't told her that i met him on 20th june.On 30June somehow i managed and went to mumbai to meet him.After dat we both really had agreat time.We got to know more about each oder,,spend loadssssss of time together.We visited ,Goa and lonavala.Monsoon in Mumbai is extremely romantic and awesome.I stayed dere for more than a month.Then one day my mom called up and said dat, come to delhi as ur marriage is fixed to a typical buddhist guy.......i told this thing to Abhishek.He was so insecure n helpless.He said i am coming with u.We both left to Delhi.I reached my house along with abhishek at around 11 pm.My parents were quite shocked .As didn't expected this thing from me.My parents always wanted dat i shud marry a Buddhist Marathi Guy.Somehow i convinced my parents.My parents agreed.My parents spoked to his parents.And decided dat they will perform the 'roka ceremony' on Sep 3rd 2006.His parents came down from Lucknow.All went well.Without consulting any pandit or astrologer,we both decided that we will tie the knot on the auspicious occasion of Christmas {dat is on 25 Dec 2006}. But due to lots clashing cultural differences in performing various ceremonies and hot arguements between the parents..... our marriage was cancelled on Nov24 2006 ,without informing us.Den we both decided that we will try our best n convince our parents.I convinced my dad and went to Lucknow along with abhishek.Finally they agreed.And we both tied the knot on the same date decided earlier i.e 25 DEC 2006. We would like to Thank You for your fabulous site, without your site and fantastic service it would have been difficult to find love, life and happiness what we have found in each other. Abhishek is a perfect husband, just as i had dreamt of... supports me in everything i do, even if he disagrees with me, and knows that i am very strong on my opinion, he supports me still.With him i feel I am so protective when he is around. I feel short of words to describe him. He is the one who teaches me how to deal with outside world. Although we fight a lot but we both love each oder very much. We are so much opposite in nature, the parental environment where we were brought up. But today its so commendable to look back how we have adapted to each other's nature...the fact that we complement each other so well explains now -why opposites fall in love.. Thanks to JEEVANSATHI.COM , a fast and convenient way to find mates for all creeds and best of luck to all aspirants. Right now Abhishek is in U.S. & thru jeevansathi.i wud like to tell him ,,,dat 'Janu I LOVE U VERY MUCH ....MISSING U' This one is for u : 'AAYE HO MERI ZINDAGI MAIN ,,TUM BAHAR BANAKE ,,MERE DIL MAIN UNHI REHNA TUM PYAR PYAR BANAKE'. Thankyou God for everything!!! Best regards Vaishali & Abhishek {NOTE:ABHISHEK'S FRIEND IS USING HIS JEEVANSATHI ID RV5475}