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Rohit weds Komal G
Me and Rohit started talking on 15th of January. It was the first time I took a random shot to life, the moment we started having conversation it was a breath of fresh air after a long time we both came across someone like ek hi thaali k chatte batte. It was an unexpected interaction and took both of us to surprise I mean how two people complete stranger would have so much similarity and we clicked. We met after 10 long days of non-stop interaction, and we both felt there was something more to this connection.I never visited the portal after that day.Rohit was worth holding onto and everything I ever wanted. On 26th January we both met for the first time, there was no awkwardness between us, the ship sailed smoothly throughout the day we roamed the whole day around in Pune like Mumbai Pune Mumbai movie, we seeked Dagdusheth Ganpati's blessings and I strongly feel it was destined to be,, we went for Vipul Goyal's stand up comedy show, that was awestruck moment we laughed our heart out non-stop for 2 long hours...indeed humor is an integral part when it comes to compatibility between partners. Alot of things happened on our first date that was so natural and comforting that we felt like we our two long lost best friends who met after long Before departing he hugged me and winked that made my heart skipped a beat and before I even reached home it was a Yes from his side and it took to me surprise. And we declared it to our respective mothers and that was a world wind of roller coaster ride of emotions and there was no stepping and stopping back after that.Luckily everything fell into place right from our kundalis to our families getting along and lot of other things that we were not expecting out of a matrimonial portal.It was surprising to both of us and after so much of hullabaloo and keeping it underwraps from the paparrazi and everyone around us .We got engaged on 20.02.20 in presence our closest family members. And we escaped to our first trip together those 3 days of adrenaline rush helped us discover different shades of each other. No doubt Me being a proper runaway bride and he being a commitment phobic , I still don't know what lead us to this...But it was him that made me at peace and ease with everything and all my insecurities took a backseat, his assurance ,our patience dealing with each others moodswings and sarcasm it is everything we always wanted in our life partner. In a world full of right and left swipe where people changes there mind within no time.We decided to put a rest to everything that was inconsistent and look for something which was raw and real and stable and soothing and serenigly blissful. If wouldn't have been JS i would not have across Rohit and I am glad that I finally found him after a long wait.Good luck to all those looking for their life partner search. Have patience ,when you find your right connection make sure you keep no stone unturned to make it work.Time has a way to surprise you in the most unexpected way.