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Akshay Arte weds Payal Chavan
Well, I was sitting with my family after dinner, 6 months into looking at rishtas for my arranged marriage. I was irritated looking at all the 100 rishtas he used to get me. My father and I got in this huge argument and I said, I dont wanna look at anymore guys, when someone has to show up he will! My father said, I am doing my level best and getting you the finest men, why wont you like any? You are an educated independent girl, just make a profile try finding some by yourself also. In rage, I made a profile on Jeevansathi and gave it to my Mom and sister to manage. They scrolled around and first night itself, my sister found Akshay and he sent him a request. Akshay's profile was managed by his father, he accepted and called us next day In Jan 2020, my father and his father met in Thane, and his father called Akshay that come over to this Hotel just to meet someone. Akshay showed up in his riped jeans and untucked shirt to meet my father, a well organized Govt. Office. He had no idea about what this meeting was or who this man was with my father. He did figure out eventually. FYI, I was completely unaware of this meeting or Akshay at this point. My father returned from meeting Akshay & his dad, and told my mother, We will not let Payal and Akshay immediately, because the boy is amazing and Payal will love him, and then she will not meet my friend's son! Well then I saw few more rishtas on Whatsapp and rejected them. I was frustrated thats when my sister told my dad, just give her Akshay's number let them talk and figure out for themselves. Sooo I finally came to know of him on 17th Feb, my sister did full stalking and told me about him and he has a dog! Then gave me his number as well. I messaged him on 19th Feb, morning, every general Hi got your number and all.. He was in his training, he replied immediately. And it was not awkward at all from the first moment for me. We chatted so much. He would send me pictures of his classroom, the lunch he is eating, his pilot training etc. It felt so organic and I kind of forgot that I am talking to him with a prospect of marriage. I just found my comfort and a friend. Akshay was training with Go Air, as he is a commercial pilot and I was working with Nykaa. Being the work loving people that we are, and with our travelling schedule, we could not meet. After a lot of back and forth and pressure from family, we met of 16th March, one day before my birthday and LOCKDOWN! Decided to go to Bombay canteen, but it was shut, so we went to poptates. I went in, he was right behind. Thats when I saw this handsome 6 feet 2 inches sharp looking man with beard and white shirt. I said to myself Holy Smokes Payal, you could have looked better! Haha.. he just walked up to me, hugged me and we sat down.. he just got his Pilot Wings that day and it was my birthday next day so we celebrated. We both had thought we would leave in an hour.. We ended up spending 5-6 hours. We just talked and talked. It was Iike meeting a long lost friend. When we left I knew, this going to go somewhere. Btw he also called and wished me at 12 and sent me a cake next day. It was quite a moment at home! We met again on 21st March at BSE Chembur, a day before the Curfew and spoke again 4 hours! Then the nation went in lockdown and our story moved back to chats, calls and video calls. Both of us knew there was something, but it was too soon. So we would just talk like friends and not discuss about what would we do about the marriage proposal Things got serious, when him and his father got tested Covid positive in June, and my heart just sanked. I actually cried with the fear of loosing him and thats when I realised that shit Payal, you love him! Then all I had to do was wait and be there for him, till he realized the same. We both came really close to one another's during this time. Our families started talking to each other. In few weeks, when things were normal, my father rang up his father and asked, Payal and Akshay have been talking for quite some time. What is the answer from your end, as I dont want my daughter to get hurt if its a no. The same question was asked to Akshay and I. We both could not say no to another, thats when we knew its a Yes. We decided to meet before we give a final answer. We met on 22nd July over a bottle of JD and we knew that yes, together is the perfect place to be. We had our Roka on 29th July and we had our engagement on the 25th of October. We are set to get married on 26th February 2021. Life has been magical ever since. I have received profound love from his family. I can proudly say I have 2 parents, 2 sisters, 2 naughty dogs and one supremely loving fun compassionate and damn good loving life partner. I can affirmatively say, I am marrying my best friend, I am marrying my soul mate. And I can't thank JEEVANSATHI enough for all this .