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Palash Shrivastav weds Ayushi Saxena
Our Story❤ I connected with Ayushi on JS in December 2020, within a month of ID creation. The Kundali feature of JS allowed us to ensure that the customs of Hindu religion are being met. Thanks to the detailed page entries of the application, we already had an idea of each other's preferences, life style and expectations. It all started with a simple message and then it burgeoned to become series of calls and messages. We were very excited for the various "Firsts" of our life - first message, first call and first video call.  Thanks to our families at the same time, for giving us ample amount of time to explore each other in terms of interests and mutual understanding. As they say, pairs our made in heaven, we soon realized that we wanted to spend rest of our life together. It felt like different puzzles of our life were finally falling into places, in unison to make a clear picture. For our astonishment, we had this surety even without physically meeting with each other. On 18th Jan 2021, I planned a surprise by booking a flight of the same day to Delhi. The next day we met each other. Butterflies inside our stomach, we were trying to resemble our faces with the pictures we had seen earlier of each other. The whole day went ecstatically and we couldn’t keep the track of time. The fact that we could discuss about anything without any filters, increased our confidence in each other. Personally for me, it felt like the more I talked with Ayushi, surer I got to spend my life time with her.  Moving forward, time came for our parents to meet. Both of us were excited and nervous at the same time to pass this final hurdle. As per our plan, I was suppose to meet Ayushi’s parents at my house followed by my family meeting Ayushi , the next day to infer the final fate of our relationship. By God's grace, the families became fond of each other within half an hour. Ayushi was called on the same day at my house to meet everyone. All of us were in cohenrece for this marriage and without any delay, the initial engagement of our marriage was done the very next day. Our marriage date is 8th May 2021 and it all started with that ONE request acceptance on JS. At the end, in retrospect Jeevansathi is the pivot in which both ends of Palash and Ayushi met. Cheers to the team for making such a good platform.