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Nalin Khandelwal weds Anushree Garg
My name is Anushree Garg, I work as  a software developer in India and was mostly looking for someone with the same profile to get married. I came across his matrimony profile on JS and with no serious intentions(He was based in the US and I had no plans to move out of India) of getting married to him , I casually sent him the "Interest Request''. It didn't even read what was written in his bio( not sure what made me send him the connection request).  A day after, I received this notification saying "Nalin has accepted your Interest request". Just after the notification, I received a text from him asking for my contact number. Since He wasn't based in India, I thought it's better to check if he has any plans to visit India anytime soon because it wouldn't make sense to talk if we cannot meet. Fortunately he was in India at that time. So we exchanged numbers and He texted me on WhatsApp and then we decided to speak over the phone in the first few lines of our chat itself.  We spoke for some 20mins over the call. The conversation was very casual and easy. After our call, he texted me If we can meet next weekend(since we were both staying in Rajasthan, it was somewhat convenient for us to meet). He travelled from Alwar to Ajmer, picked me from my place, We went to some cafe and spent 5 hours. It wasn't like we had a lot of topics to talk about, but still there were no awkward pauses. While returning he dropped me back to my place, I asked him to meet my parents, He met my mother. Not sure why , but in the first meeting itself he seemed to be the right one( I wasn't still serious about this).  Our parents decided to meet the week after, So I travelled to Alwar with my parents. In our second meeting, the decision of taking this forward seemed to be perfect. Everything at his place was just the way I wanted it to be. I feel he could be my number one person to go to and he is someone who'll be always there for me. Talking to him made me realize that some day if I am upset or worried ,I can speak my mind to him , he can just make me happy. He has a very comforting vibe, he just knows when and what can make me uncomfortable. I feel so rich to have him as my husband.  We got married after two months. Whoever has met him, has only come up to me and said that he is a gem of a person. My friends, relatives loved him.  So I am sure I have done some good karmas in the past to have gotten him <3