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Neeraj Pandey weds Tanvi
We were chatting frequently and then one fine day I told him about the cafe I was visiting my friends, he appeared there and surprised me. Since I was back in my hometown during the pandemic, it was the first time I had stepped out to a cafe in Bombay. We kept in touch. We met each other's friends and it was clicking. On my birthday he cooked a local dish from his homeland for my friends and me. There was a little unsure period in between too, but the way he handled it took my heart away. It became more concrete after that rough patch. We took almost 11 months before breaking the news to our parents and they were eager to meet us. We got engaged in Feb 2022, Neeraj stole everyone's heart away, in short, charmed them all. Finally got married in June 2022. We're still discovering each other and falling in love more with every passing day. We are a family of three now, Neeraj, me and our cute little cat, Tutu! Here, is a picture from our Mehendi/Sangeet.