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Jay Vardhan Bihani weds Bharati Bajaj
Let me take you back to the beginning of our extraordinary journey, the story of how I met the man I'm about to marry, Jay Vardhan Bihani. It's a tale of love that unfolded in the most unexpected way, and it all started with the click of a button on You see, before our paths crossed on Jeevansathi, Jay was persistent in reaching out, sending messages and friend requests across every social media channel imaginable. I was intrigued, and our conversations flowed effortlessly. But then came the twist in our love story. Jeevansathi, a platform traditionally used to gain family approval, entered the scene. My parents managed the account, curating profiles for my potential future. Little did they know that Jay had already captured my heart through other means. One day, my mom, with all her matchmaking enthusiasm, started going through profiles on Jeevansathi. She had no idea that Jay had reached out to me just the day before on different channels. I couldn't help but insist that she take a closer look at his profile. She was inclined to explore other options, but my heart had already made its choice. She gave a casual nod of approval, saying, "This is okay." However, I knew there was something special here. It didn't matter that our kundali had 21 matching gunas; our connection transcended astrological calculations. Love, it seemed, had its own plan. Jay Vardhan Bihani and Bharati Bajaj – our names would soon be forever entwined. We had talked for 45 days, shared our dreams, and built a bond that felt unbreakable. His family eagerly awaited my answer, and my heart was ready to take that leap. On the 51st day, I knew it was time to say "yes." Our love story, an intricate blend of tradition and modernity, had its origins on They say that matches are made in heaven, but ours was undoubtedly made in the digital realm, a story of love that defied expectations. And so, that's the tale of our love-arranged marriage, where destiny clicked its way into our hearts through Jeevansathi.