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Vijendra Rawat weds Akanksha Negi
We met in Delhi. He is an AF pilot and due to some work was in Delhi for only short period and hence we decided to meet too soon after I accepted his request. He came to pick me up and got stucked in narrow lane ahead of my house. So thats how we met for the 1st time, I was helping him in reversing his SUV and he was stressed about not bumping into any sides or vehicle knowing that I am there. After that when I entered in his car it took me a while in recognising him as he was keeping the moustaches and his pictures on JS were without them but it suited him well, so I was fine. Then after 1st meeting we decided to meet all the 3 days of his stay. 2nd day we met outside hanuman mandir, CP. As I had to visit there so i thought of calling him as well and he thought I am testing him. We gelled up too soon but will we be able to sustain long distance, was the question. As he mentioned to me already, he got busy after reaching his station and the conversation got limited to only few whatsapp msgs, opposite to my expectations, which made me think that hes not interested as such and I erased his number until soon one day he called and I asked him 'whos calling'! On which he laughed out and realised that I haven't saved his number. I was honest and told him what all I felt, to which the very 1st time he confessed his feelings and to neutralise my fear, he expediated the things and asked his parents to talk to mine. Thankfully horoscopes matched and parents gelled up well too. We took few trips together and realised that our tastes in few cases are different yet we are very alike i.e. we compliment each other well and rest is history. He's the one who has seen me without makeup, in my tomboyish look and in my illness when I have looked pathetic but I have never heard him suggesting me to dress up in any certain way. He likes me the way I am. Though I am very anxious about the wedding but hes way too chill and relaxed and just to keep me stress free he along with his work has managed most of the wedding preparations. He has a strong conviction and modern approach. He take his own decision and his family members also seek him for any major decision. More than him I like his family, all are very simple and easy going people, who are far far from the act of manipulation. I have got a younger brother inlaw who is like a brother to me. I am more proud than lucky to call him mine and respect him for his self made personality. Thanks to