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Nivrutti weds ZWS3245
We both looking for a match for quiet some time and after such a long wait we found each other again... As Mr.& Ms Right. As they say "Marriages are made in heaven which we solemnize on earth".... Destiny (JS) has brought us together second time and we think Gods has strong wish to bring us together rest of our life. It all happened as well got an opportunity to choose a person who is a best friend for life more than a just a spouse. This journey is one that requires will and faith that you will truly find your soul mate. We are glad that we found each other that our love will continue to grow and prosper. Our marriage is truly a beautiful. We are very grateful to god, our family and all of them for the wonderful and invaluable gift they have blessed us with. It is truly a pure Desi arranged /love marriage. Cheers!!! Niv and Neet