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Nitin Luthra weds Ayushi Gemini
We initially connected on an Indian matrimony website Jeevansathi on June 27, 2023, finding each other's profiles intriguing. We soon exchanged numbers and began conversing to gauge our compatibility and shared aspirations for the future. Our bond deepened through countless chats, audio and video calls, where our conversations effortlessly flowed, making us integral parts of each other's lives. Nitin's visit to India on August 18, 2023, marked our first in-person encounter, which was preceded by numerous virtual dates. Our immediate connection was palpable as we comfortably spent hours together, even embarking on spontaneous late-night outings. Nitin's heartfelt surprise, expressing his affection through handwritten letters and thoughtful gestures, further solidified our bond. During Nitin's stay in India until August 28, Our love for each other grew stronger, underpinned by shared values encompassing family, finances, career aspirations, and our desired quality of life. Upon Nitin's return to Australia, we embarked on the next phase of our relationship, introducing each other to our respective families. My visit to Australia, marked another significant milestone in our relationship. Nitin orchestrated a heartfelt proposal, which I joyfully accepted with my family's blessing, solidifying our commitment to each other. We wed in Brisbane on November 27, 2024, with both our brothers and their families present. Later, we celebrated with extended family and friends in India.