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Sumeeth Kanojia weds Aanshita Chauhan
Sure, here's a more polished version of your story: --- I received a request from Sumeeth on Jeevan Saathi, and we planned to get on a call. However, I was quite busy and forgot that I might be getting a call from him in the evening. When he called, I was in the middle of dinner. I answered briefly, explaining that I was busy and would call him back later. It was a very short call. A couple of hours later, Sumeeth texted me, "Hope you are done with your food." His message was so innocent and considerate that I felt embarrassed for forgetting to call him back. I immediately asked if we could have a quick call. That "quick" call ended up lasting 2-3 hours late into the night. We found ourselves genuinely interested in each other. Over the next 2-3 weeks, we continued chatting and having long calls. Eventually, we decided to meet in person at a club. The meeting went exceptionally well—we had fun and truly enjoyed each other's company. As we exchanged details about our work, interests, and families, it became clear that we had a strong connection. We decided to involve our parents, and after a final meeting with them, everything fell into place. It was a resounding "yes" from everyone, filled with so much love and excitement for our future together. ---