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It started over a coffee at CCD... with a very formal meeting in which she thought that it won't work (gayi bhains pani me) as my beliefs and her family beliefs were completely apart.. Then I got the lifeline in form of "LAST CALL" on which her parents allowed me to speak with her in which i explained the basis of my beliefs n i asked her " Can we be in touch on Facebook " n She accepted my request thinking that her parents were rude/harsh on me... "LUCKY ME.... " :D :D :D :P Then we Started exchanging one liners once in fortnight and then once in a week as our logging timings were different... Slowly those one liners grew to 2 liners n then to short chats... n then after couple of months we had our first long conversation... updating each other about life, work and partner hunt... n that's how over friendship started... It went on for a month and then we got busy with work and lost the touch for some time... n then got one more LIFE LINE when she shared her office land line no. so that we can talk... n be in touch... :) :D n then by now those one liners had grown to casual calls... by now seed of friendship had now grown from a sprout to a plant... Then we both got busy in our stupid lives n again we lost touch with each other... n then with my all courage i asked her "Do u mind sharing your Mobile no." n after long silence n wait i saw her no. on my fb chat... :D :) "Our First step to be together" and after that we started talking with each other beginning with once in week to twice or thrice in a week... then got a chance to go to Delhi for some work... n i met her at her office n that was the time we both realized that its not just friendship but something more than friendship... now the calls which were once or twice in a week, their frequency increased to daily... And here came the twist, as per Indian tradition, now the ball was in the court of our parents...Her parents being from old school thoughts had a strong belief that parents should take a lead, and mine parents owning a moderate thought process were on different page... :O :( oops!!! After few ups and down, and couple of meetings, both sides concurred. And, now, here we are, together, sitting besides each other, writing it all together as to HOW WE MET....!! Thanks to JS for bringing us together