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Srinath Shriram weds Preeti Rao
Our story is truly special and unique and one that I never imagined. I had dreamed, wished upon a few hundred falling stars, hoped, and fantasized about meeting my perfect match. I never thought that the lady I had envisioned in my mind would actually show up on the pages of . These fairy tales only happen in movies or romance novels… !!! The moment I came across Preeti's profile I stared at it and read her details maybe 100 times. The mind blowing list of similarities between us is absolutely incredible. After reading and fawning over her great pictures, I decided to tell my parents to contact her parents to proceed further. My parents immediately called her Mom and their began our love story.. First Parents got to know each other, Surprisingly one of my aunt was her acquaintance too.. Our parents liked each other so they decided let the children talk with each other .. So yes we spoke for almost 2 weeks before we actually meet. We talked for hours on the phone and shared our thoughts and what that looks like on a daily basis. She is responsible, successful and evolving in life to be a better. We share so many views about family, friendships, and our work ethic. I was so caught off guard that she and I were simply perfect for one another..We were already in Love with each other and meeting was next step. We decided to go on our first date for dinner together. I with my parents landed in Mumbai, Made my parents relax in hotel and rushed to meet her.. She walked in the door and I found her so attractive and she looked exactly like her many Jeevansathi photos (which was awesome)! We talked about everything and I definitely talked too much at dinner because I was so nervous. Our second date at Preeti's home with our parents... Match brought us together. We got engaged on 17 Aug 2016 at Chennai, Getting married on 27 Nov 2016 @ Mumbai... We constantly tell people how we met and are always met with an unreal look. I know many, many of our friends have joined because of us!!! Dreams do come true… we are living breathing proof!!! Love you !!