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Santosh Kamble weds Prajakta Gaikwad
I actually found my man on the 3rd day of joining He sent me request, I accepted..and he called me the next day, the moment I spoke to him there was something..It was special for both me and him..He was in US so we could just talk over phone every day.. I still remember the lovely bouquet of red roses and a cute letter he sent me from US on valentines day.. Three months went by and he then decided to visit India, we were already in love but of course didn't accept openly, when we first met we both were so sure we have found our Jeevansathi. We both feel that ours is a Love marriage on this lovely Arrange marriage platform. We are now happily engaged. We both, our parents, our cousins and all our relatives are eagerly waiting for our wedding next month.. Piece of advice for all those who are looking for their Jeevansathi: You are going to receive 100 requests and not all will match with your expectations..but don't focus on what you dont like, instead focus only on profiles that you like. I have seen people who keep discussing about the profiles that didn't match with their expectations and waisting too much time on negatives. Respect everyone who contacts you. A polite "thank you for contacting, If I find your profile suitable I will contact you" would not cost you a thing. Take rejections gracefully, I did reject few guys, few guys rejected me, not because they were bad or I was bad but because we were different and thought we won't be able to gel with each other..but some of them have become my good friends on Facebook and keep me updated about their jeevansathi search ;) Last ..Have fun..Be yourself..Don't try to act as someone you are not..Just be yourself..Talk to your mom dad..I used to share each and everything with my parents, conversations with them helped me get better perspective on life and marriage.. Its fun believe me ;)