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Saurabh Rastogi weds Alka Singh
An unexpected wedding : Alka Singh & Saurabh Rastogi. When we first met on JS, it was all started with a non-so-desirable hello, followed by mutual cancellation. We both didn't want to get involved with each other. Neither i was ready for it nor he was. We didn't have energy and time. We hardly paid attention to each other. But the best moments always happen unexpectedly. Later, Our regular life was on track & we indulged in our respective routines. During this period, we were started sharing our views, ideas about life and many more routine things then and got so much comfortable with each other or should I say, unconsciously we developed a bond irrespective of what we were going through. "Sometimes people find each other with both broken foundations and when they meet, they make an indestructible foundation". So as it states, we eventually thought of giving us a chance. When we try too hard, we never find it and We don't look for it, it comes in a most unexpected way and he was an unexpected surprise to me & we never thought we would risk this chance of getting each other. It was worth it and together we made it despite all the things came in our way. our marriage was one great adventure. Not a first sight love story, but we turned it into one. It was meant to be.... ..