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Sunil Rana weds Ekta Singh
It was her smile and eyes which attracted me first. I sent her an invitation and a personal message. I got many invitation where the profiles of girls were quite impressive. But I never felt that spark which I was waiting for. But this girl stole my heart. It was that time when the girl was already going to meet another boy’s family to his home town. But she found my profile attractive and we just had a few mins conversation over the call. It was kind of miracle for me that she was quiet impressed by me. I was a bit upset as her family already finalised the boy but I accepted the reality and wished her good luck for her future with that boy. She was in the train with her family and was travelling to the home town of the boy, when we had a small conversation. Her brother was lying on the front seat of her. Her brother was asking that why are you talking to another guy when the family has already finalised the guy for you. But I think that night, Life was giving us a chance to be together. We talked a bit and then wished her good luck. After few days, I got a call again from the same girl. I think god gave me a chance. May be somewhere in the corner of my heart, I was praying to god to give me a chance. She told me that the guy is good but she doesn't feel that spark with that guy. This news was like a heaven to me. In the garden of my heart, flowers of love were blooming. Not just to express the beauty, but to spread the fragrance of happiness. She discussed it with her family and asked her family to talk to me at least once. Her family talked to me and liked it too. Then the actual journey started and now we fall in love with each other. We just got engaged. She is an amazing girl and happy to have her. I don’t know how this journey will be but I know that If I want to be treated like a King then I have treat her like a Queen first. She did her job and now I have to do mine for the life time. Thank You Jeevansathi Team.