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Nitin Chandna weds Priyanka Dua
Our love story has been so beautifully curated by Jeevansathi that I never imagined. Our parents were handling the profiles. On 27th Nov 2017 my mother came to me and said this guy would call you and this is his Jeevansathi ID. I was like ok never mind. On 28th Nov I get a call from Nitin and we actually spoke for like 1.5 hours. We clicked so well that it was like he knew all the answers to my questions. Post talking we decided to meet on Coming Monday. I was already in love with him because he spoke everything in that one call and he sorted me so well. We met in Cyber hub Gurgaon and we had a smile worth a billion we looked at each other. He made me feel so comfortable that it was like I had already fallen for him. Whenever I used to see guys in past I used to have a list which would include education, height, career etc.. but when I met him my list was lost!! I was like forget everything this is the guy I want to be with and I don’t care about anything else. We got so sure in just one meeting that our parents were shocked. Because being an educated professional I would always come back to parents and say I want to know this guy more, get the verification done etc.. but when I met Nitin, I came home and told my parents this is the guy for me. We got Rokafied in the next 2 days. And we got married on 5th Feb. The journey has been so beautiful since then. We had an amazing wedding, like I enjoyed my wedding to the core. I am thankful to Jeevansathi for brinnginh is together. It seems that it was all #preknit. We just had to follow the directions to the best life. ❤️❤️ Priyanka #preknit (Combination of our initials and describes our story that says it’s was so beautifully knit by god and Jeevansathi ❤️)