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Raza Jamil weds Neha Amani
Our Story: ---------------- Turning 28 for a girl in India with no marriage on cards is certainly a bit of hulla-bulla in a highly cohesive, high on societal cultural octane country like India. Like every other girl of this age, I too had my share of pie, nervous of what the near future would unfold like? How will the wheels of life settle down? How will my alter ego be like? Amidst all of these thoughts and a disarray of mixed emotions helped by the new age radical and progressive retrospect these days on numerous debates between arranged marriage vs love marriage, I was being time-pressed with parents calling out on the need to embark on the groom hunt. It was then one fine day when I happened to come across on TV breaks, a sensible ad from "Jisse Tum Dhundh Rahe Ho...". I liked the ad and instantly grabbed my cellphone and took over to Google Play to install app. Once I was done with profile creation and registration, I found the app very simple and easy to use (and effectively that's what every sophisticated or novice user wants!). It was then that I had strong intuition (don't know why) of meeting my alter ego here. It sparkled my eyes and left smile on my face. Within few hours of my profile creation, matrimonial requests and suggestions started pouring in. What strengthened me further was the fact that the requester profiles were in range of my expectation with choicest filter criterion. A good percentage of profiles on looked genuine and that's the plus point in creating trust factor across any customer. With e-match making across match from length and breadth of country, even at times outside of country, what doesn't work at times, is the trust. I was reasonably happy with the response received on With each passing day, I never knew what destiny had in store until it was 18th of Oct 2016 when I received interest from a fellow member, who eventually is now my sweet hubby - Raza. While sending the request, he sent me a message followed by a call. On that day, I was a bit disappointed with the way my day had unfolded I was trying to un-squeeze all the pressure, with a treat to taste-buds at a nearby restaurant. My phone rang and I thought it's just another caller. With all my undivided attention at hogging, I picked phone and told the usual 2 liners - send me the bio-data at my email-id, then I will have a look. The next day, it occurred to me that Raza is from Varanasi that's at a stone throw away distance from my home place and that led me and my parents gauge interest in him. That very day, after heading home from work, Raza spent nearly 2-2.5 hours drafting a bio-data which he had never prepared before. True to his feelings, what came over to me that day was a 4-pager bio-data for marriage! I was dumbstruck, c'mon a 4 pager bio-data?? I did not bother to read that, instead delegated that to my parents and sister to give a read. But what caught me was the level of detailing he had scribbled down in his bio-data, be on introducing his each and every family member, or with his educational details, or his work details. His personality was pleasing and with his bio-data considerable good, my parents and sisters gave a nod to be persuasive for him. It was then my turn to greet and post a busy day at work, I managed to converse a bit with him. I found him accommodating and disciplined in his life. We both work in software domain, so we could share some common jokes and the pain around and it helped us break the ice. It never felt as if we are new faces to each other. I was growing in confidence on Raza, when our parents spoke to each other. A sudden adrenaline rush unsettled me, as it was then for the first time that our parents spoke about each other and later about visiting each other's place. Few days passed and our conversation to know each other progressed further. I started liking him for his simplicity, being grounded and for giving me the space I always wishes my alter-ego to provide. Muslim culture is majorly orthodox, wherein females are mostly confined to a lot of restrictions, but having known Raza and his nature of encouraging me at work and for personal upliftment, kept my liking for him soaring high. However, I was sure that until I meet him in person, I won't take things for granted. Our parents agreed to meet. Raza's parents called upon my dad, to inform that they will be visiting on 26th Nov 2016. Both his and my dad thought, its appropriate to bring along Raza and let both the would-be-bride and groom see and speak to each other. That was the day of our first encounter with each other. I found him ever smiling, and with ever pleasing personality, the way he seemed to be on his profile. We sat and gasped, tried to make an eye contact but could not with all the cherishing thoughts of our previous telephonic discussions. That day it so happened that we did not speak a word to each other, except of the greetings. Before they went back, my mother-in-law announced that they are happy for this nuptial knot to solemnize and that she handed over the customary shagun to me. There were photo-sessions around and then with the wrap-up chat, they left. My parents asked my view, and I was like - YES! That embarked our beautiful journey of courtship. It never felt like I have come to know Raza through a matrimonial site. It always felt like we have known each other for ages and that now we are shaping up our love to settle down in marriage. We finally tied the nuptial knot on 04th April 2017. Raza has certainly been the best thing that has happened to me. Advice for others: ---------------------------- Stay true. Be genuine in declaring all that's needful to declare (trust factor is certainly the key) - you can make use of Jeevansathi's verification procedures for identity, qualification and profession. Have realistic expectations - do not over burden yourself with too much expectations. will serve you with the best in matrimonial domain, stick to it. Best wishes!